Hanro Sea Island Pyjamas

Pure luxury: Pyjamas made from the best type of cotton in the world.

Now £179

Double Sided Loungewear

Takes up less room in your luggage and adds more variety – the loungewear with reversible jacket.

Now £85

Corgi Socks, Set of 3

Socks as a gift? Not really. Except socks from Corgi. British chic.

e. g. “London Buses”
Now £45

Alan Paine Cashmere Anniversary Cardigan

This 6-ply luxury cardigan contains the hair of 4 cashmere goats. By Alan Paine and Z. Hinchliffe & Sons.

Now £269

Norwegian Pullover “Glittertind” for women or men

Developed for an expedition to the South Pole: Water-repellent, windproof and breathable.

e. g. Women
Now £229

Alan Paine Merino Wool V-Neck or Round-Neck Pullover

Incredibly soft and practically pill-free.

e. g. V-Neck Pullover
Starting at £80
Now Starting at £55

Hanro Pyjama “Perfect blend”

Perfect pyjama combination: Incomparably soft top in MicroModal + cuddly bottoms in cotton flannelette.

Now £115

Craghoppers Men's Traveller’s Waistcoat

The perfect traveller’s waistcoat: With loads of storage space, yet surprisingly slimline. By Craghoppers.

Now £79

Thermolite® Fine Corduroy Trousers

Classic fine corduroys – now with invisible thermal qualities.

Now £69

Zanchi Horn Cufflinks

A stylish novelty: Cufflinks made of real horn. Totally unique because of the natural colour and texture.

Now £25

John Smedley Fine Knit Leisure Suit

Elegant gentleman’s leisure suit made in England. By John Smedley.

Now £289

Alan Paine Teflon® Outdoor Pullover

Pure merino wool, water repellent thanks to long-lasting Teflon® protection.

Now £89

Stereo System® Waistcoat

Tomorrow’s classic: The new generation of knitted waistcoats. Modern, unrestricting slim fit.

Now £69

Hoal Lightweight Loden Trousers

As elegant and comfortable as classic cloth trousers. But they still repel wind and water.

Now £89

Harrys of London Kudu Loafer

Stylish casual loafers – but with the grip of a surfer shoe. Waterproof Vibram® tread sole.

Now £229

Carl Ross Hot Wash Bathrobe

Far more stylish. Far more absorbent. And far more sanitary.


The 5.5 oz Ragman

Extremely hardwearing, yet soft, light and airy. Opaque, yet fine enough to wear under a shirt.

e. g. Kids
Now £5

The BDO-Shirt No. 41, checked

Meet a good old friend. And forget that shirts always need ironing.

Now £45

Silk Tie Indian Summer

Stylish in the colours of Indian Summer.

Now £39

Key West Men’s Merino Broadcloth Coat

Wool broadcloth, as light as fleece: Made of fine and extra fine merino wool. By Key West, Copenhagen.

Now £89

meinfrollein® Basic Merino Scarf

Available in 3 colours. For men and women. Made in Germany – by meinfrollein®.

Now £69

Pilot Shearling Boot

These pilot shearling boots keep your feet warm and dry – even at -15°C.

Now £199

Hiltl Constant-Colour Chinos

Dark chinos that never fade. Dyed with reactive dyes for a rich, permanently brilliant colour.

Starting at £119
Now Starting at £79

Daks Cord Gentleman Suit

The fine corduroy gentleman’s suit. Cloth from Italian cord specialist Duca Visconti. By DAKS, London.

Now £369

Lizard® Waterproof Urban Boots

As waterproof as rubber boots. As breathable as leather shoes. As lightweight as trainers. From Lizard®.

Starting at £129
Now Starting at £89

Carl Gross Premium Linen Sports Jacket

The airiness and comfort of linen – now finally without creases. Summer sports jacket by Bottoli, Italy.

Now £189

Carl Gross Tweed Jacket or Waistcoat

Original Harris Tweed from the Outer Hebrides – yet so much finer and lighter than usual.

e. g. Waistcoat
Now £69

DAKS Check Scarf

Not just any check. The DAKS House Check.

Now £55

Zamberlan® Sneakers, Woman

The perfect shoe for travelling. Comfortable, sturdy, waterproof, lightweight and breathable.

Now £89

Donegal Tweed Trousers

Finer and more stylish than most tweed trousers. They’re machine washable, too.

Now £55

Gottstein Felt Sneakers

Warm, water-repellent felt sneakers by milled wool specialist, Gottstein, Austria.

Now £79

Aigle 3-in-1 All-weather Men’s Jacket

Wind and waterproof softshell with warm Primaloft® zip-off waistcoat. By Aigle, France.

Now £139

Circolo Linen Jersey Sports Jacket

Breathe and move more freely: A summer sports jacket with added comfort. From Circolo 1901, Italy.

Now £119

Leather Micro-Stretch Jacket

Around 30% lighter than other thermal leather jackets.

Now £349

Dayton Boots “Confederate”

At long last – now available in Europe. The favourite boots of US stars. Handmade in Vancouver since 1946.

Now £349

42oz Jacket

The finest, softest reindeer calf nappa leather with light padding.

Now £789

Hoal Chic Chinos

More stylish, more comfortable chinos would be a rare find. From trousers specialists, Hoal, Germany.

Now £69

300g (10.6 oz) All-round Summer Shoe

Lightweight at only 300g (10.6 oz). Airy perforated calfskin leather. ­Contemporary design.

Now £69

Coque Terra Retro Sneakers

The elegant version of up-to-date sneakers with a retro look. From leather. Soles have been stitched through.

Now £69

Checked Summer Shirt with Short Sleeves

The summer shirt that combines with all plain separates.

Now £49

Hollington Waffle Piqué Waistcoat

They are still here: Stylish black waistcoats, it will keep you cool through the summer. By Patric Hollington.

Now £89

Kyrgyzstan Felt Slippers

Authentic design – without edges or seams. Rare handmade production according to ancient traditions.

Now £49

Swims Chino Swimming Shorts

These swimming shorts are very soft, light as a feather to wear and quick to dry.

Now £69

Crocs™ Men's Winter Boots

Even in winter don’t go without the comfort of your beloved Crocs™.

Now £89

Hoal Prince-of-Wales Trousers

A fashion perennial. Now also a fashion favourite. The English original.

Now £89

Lagerfeld Calfskin Leather Sandals

The stylish way to wear sandals. Clean Lagerfeld design. Sleek black. Elegant calfskin leather.

Now £79
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