Refined with real camel hair: Luxury cord by Duca Visconti di Modrone, Italy.

Super-soft feel. Flowing drape. Shimmering lustre.

Cord and the colour camel are currently experiencing a fantastic fashionable comeback. That is why you will find so many mass-produced cord trousers made of cheap synthetic fibres. Yet fortunately, there are selected rarities like these as well: Camel hair cord by Duca Visconti di Modrone, one of the best velvet weavers in Italy. The rare fabric is soft like cashmere cord, but less costly. It has a flowing drape and an elegant, semi-shimmering lustre.
Classic tailor-style finish.
The long-standing Upper Franconian company Hoal has specialised in comfortable trousers since 1956. The inside rubberised waistband keeps your shirt tucked-in. The waistband tab closes with a hook and button. Slanted pockets. Buttoned piped back pockets.

Inseam in size 34"R: 83cm (32.6"). Leg width at hem: 40cm (15.7"). Colour: Camel. 90% cotton, 10% camel hair. Machine washable.


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