Dorani Paisley Jersey Shirt

  • Tailored in a classic way by shirt specialists Dorani.

Smooth, dark and with a subtle pattern: This is how elegant a jersey shirt can be.

As comfortable as a T-shirt – and yet suitable for the office.

Thanks to the finely knitted jersey, this shirt is as fluid and comfortable as a T-shirt, it hardly creases and it has an easy-iron finish. The stylish print in muted colours and the evenly smooth texture give the shirt an elegant appearance and make it stand out from the majority of jersey shirts whether plain or with a mottled effect or a piqué texture, which all have a more casual look. This shirt goes well with smart/casual outfits as well as with modern business outfits
Tailored in a classic way by shirt specialists Dorani.
The shark collar has a particularly attractive form. It looks perfect, both with and without a tie. The durable shank buttons are especially easy to do up and undo. Adjustable two-button cuffs.

Tailored Fit: Slightly tailored – contemporary, but comfortable. Length in collar size 15.75": 81cm (31.9"). Sleeve length: 67cm (26.4"). Colour: Dark blue. 100% cotton. Machine washable.


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