Sebago Dirty Buck

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Fashion Classics

The business version of the famous “Dirty Buck”. By Sebago/USA.

Still casual. Still lightweight. And fully suitable for suits.

More than a century ago, the legendary “Dirty Buck” was sewn using deerskin and had the famous red sole. Today it is available in all sorts of sole colours, and the upper is now made of cotton canvas. A summer lightness was born, which made them one of the most popular casual shoes.
The Derby shape makes this model a business shoe.
Now everyone can heave a sigh of relief and discover lightweight cotton shoes to go with their suits, because the “Dirty Buck” is now available in a Derby version. It has the look of a business shoe and matches your professional dress code perfectly. The lining is made of paper-thin leather, which improves the position of the foot in the shoe and maintains the shape of the shoe.

Classic Derby shape. Upper: 100% cotton. Lining and insole: Leather. Outsole: EVA.


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