Norman Walsh Rhubarb Leather Sneakers

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Fashion Classics

Your softest sneakers are made of rhubarb leather.

Tanning with natural extracts makes them really comfortable. Made in England by Norman Walsh.

Norman Walsh is a popular sneaker specialist from the UK and produces these handcrafted versions exclusively for Fashion Classics. The special feature: The leather is not tanned as usual with environmentally harmful chromium salts, but with natural extracts of rhubarb root.
You don’t see the difference. But you do feel it.
The very soft leather is pleasantly breathable and does not smell of chemicals. That is why these sneakers can be worn barefoot by allergy sufferers without hesitation.

Upper: Leather. Insole: Textile. Outsole: EVA. Exclusive to Fashion Classics. Handmade in England.

Shoes made of rhubarb leather – environmentally friendly and sustainable.
Scientists have discovered that the components of rhubarb roots are ideal for tanning leather. They make the leather particularly supple and are also good for the environment. Rhubarb is a rapidly renewable resource and is highly biodegradable.



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