Filson Lightweight Canvas Belt

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Fashion Classics
  • With a pleasantly lightweight, practical buckle construction.

Weighs only 119g (4.2 oz): This is how lightweight (and durable) a sturdy canvas belt can be.

From the American luggage specialist Filson, since 1897.

C.C. Filson of Seattle/USA has been known for over 120 years for its outdoor clothing and almost indestructible luggage collection made of strong cotton canvas and twill fabric. This lightweight casual belt now also benefits from the specialist’s experience.
With a pleasantly lightweight, practical buckle construction.
While most canvas belts have a heavy buckle with teeth that make the fabric fray quickly, this belt is equipped with a hook buckle – so fraying won’t occur. The reduced aluminium buckle also makes your belt pleasantly light – it weighs only 119g (4.2 oz). You’ll hardly notice it when you’re wearing it, even with movements where conventional belts would dig-in uncomfortably.

One size, infinitely adjustable. Made in the USA.


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