“Filo di Scozia®” Pyjamas

Half as thick yet twice as durable than conventional jersey pyjamas.

Stays in shape, is lint-free and hardly needs ironing.
These fancy shimmering pyjamas are made from famous “Filo di Scozia®” cotton. The yarn has a subtle sheen and stays in shape. It produces a fine airy jersey which is wonderfully soft, easy to care for and – yes – simply refreshing.
Ideal for hot summer nights, but also great the whole year round.
This unique jersey is made by the family owned Besani company near Milan, Italy. Only the valuable long fibres from Egyptian and Peruvian cotton are finely spun. The material is spun so finely that 117m (128yds) of thread only weigh 1g (the fineness of a single strand of conventional jersey cotton is 1g per 50m/55yds). Two threads are twisted into a super thin, airy and extremely durable yarn which is then treated with gas and mercerised to make it wonderfully smooth.
Made by Novila – the linen specialist based in the Black Forest.
The top in lavender blue and tones of matching coloured stripes is casually straight with shape retaining V-neck border and a breast patch pocket that precisely follows the pattern. Lavender blue shorts with comfortable leg width and double-stitched elastic waist. All inner seams have neatly finished edges, the neck area with trimming. Machine wash at 40°C. 100% cotton.

“Filo di Scozia®” Pyjamas

Colour: Lavender Blue

Lavender Blue
Lavender Blue
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