Suits & Sports Jackets

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Alan Paine Cashmere Anniversary Cardigan

This 6-ply luxury cardigan contains the hair of 4 cashmere goats. By Alan Paine and Z. Hinchliffe & Sons.

£ 385

Doriani Cashmere Cardigan

Made of 4-ply cashmere: The luxurious cardigan by Doriani.

£ 689

Daks Cord Gentleman Suit

The fine corduroy gentleman’s suit. Cloth from Italian cord specialist Duca Visconti. By DAKS, London.

£ 369

Carl Gross Cotton Suit “Ceramica”

The ideal suit for business and travelling, in summery cotton that barely creases. By Carl Gross.

£ 469

Circolo Linen Jersey Sports Jacket

Breathe and move more freely: A summer sports jacket with added comfort. From Circolo 1901, Italy.

£ 119

Carl Gross Linen Sports Jacket or Waistcoat

Look a true gentleman – even when it’s over 30 degrees. A rare find: A two-piece ensemble made of pure linen.

e. g. Waistcoat
£ 89

Carl Gross Premium Linen Sports Jacket

The airiness and comfort of linen – now finally without creases. Summer sports jacket by Bottoli, Italy.

£ 189

Steinbock® Functional Blouson

The functional and fashionable blouson: Rainproof, windproof and breathable. By Steinbock®/Austria.

£ 219

Mesh Jacket “Mix & Match”

A jacket that is great to mix and match: Ideal for travelling light. Without the need for brown shoes or belt.

£ 239

Arma Lambskin Suede Blazer or Waistcoat

A leather blazer with an exactly matching waistcoat is a rare thing to find. Finest premium quality lamb suede.

e. g. Waistcoat
£ 179

Carl Gross Cotton Suit “Ceramica”, Blue

The ideal suit for business and travelling, made from summery cotton that barely creases.

£ 289
Now £ 229

Di Pray Silk Herringbone Blazer

A pure silk blazer, perfect for summer. Its elegant colours offer endless opportunities.

£ 239

Pontoglio Pincord Jacket

A durable, versatile classic. Dressier, hardier, more intense in colour.

£ 239

Carl Gross Travel Jacket

The perfect sports jacket for every day. Ideal for travel. Resistant to creasing & stains.Yet 100% virgin wool

£ 245

Carl Gross Pima Cotton Jacket

Classy, subtle sheen. Brilliant colour. Soft to the touch. Hardly creases.

£ 209

“Super 130” Climate Sports Jacket

With 1,300,000 woven pores, your respectable blue sports jacket is ideal for the summer.

£ 279