Suits & Sports Jackets

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The ideal suit for business and travelling, made from summery cotton that barely creases.

Stylishly elegant on hot days. As light and airy as a shirt. But much more polished.

Ultra-light. Practically crease resistant. Still 100% virgin wool.

A pure silk blazer, perfect for summer. Its elegant colours offer endless opportunities.

The ideal blazer for travelling, in machine washable cotton that barely creases.

You needn’t pay more than £469 for a really good suit.

Trendy pattern – yet still very elegant. And very respectable.

A durable, versatile classic. Dressier, hardier, more intense in colour.

The perfect sports jacket for every day. Ideal for travel. Resistant to creasing & stains.Yet 100% virgin wool

Ultra-light. Practically crease resistant. Still 100% virgin wool.

Virgin wool, silk and linen: The perfect blend for a summery-light jacket.

Virgin wool without impregnation. Yet still well-protected against stains. Liquid simply rolls off.

Classy, subtle sheen. Brilliant colour. Soft to the touch. Hardly creases.

With 1,300,000 woven pores, your respectable blue sports jacket is ideal for the summer.