When you opt for espadrilles, choose the original. Hand-sewn instead of mass-produced.

Airy and wonderfully lightweight. Robust and durable. By [espadrij]/France.

In the 80’s, espadrilles were the summer shoe to wear on a beach holiday. The originals were great, but over a period of time, cheap imported copies quickly turned these lightweight loafers into a disposable product with a short lifespan.
The classic version now celebrates a terrific comeback – as a premium quality, hand-sewn original!
The German label [espadrij] works exclusively with the only manufacturer in France that still makes authentic espadrilles. These classics are carefully sewn by hand according to old traditions in a small Pyrenean village, making them incomparable to mass-produced copies.
Even experienced shoemakers require an hour to produce a pair of espadrilles.
The breathable upper made of cotton canvas is much stronger than common, thin fabrics. It’s precisely cut by hand and firmly stitched to the hardwearing jute sole. It will comfortably adapt to the shape of your feet after only a few days of wear. The shoes are finished with a welded, continuous, natural rubber outer sole. This stronger material and construction protects your feet better against hot sand and wet pathways than a simple glued layer.

Upper and lining: Cotton. Insole: Jute. Outer sole: Rubber. Made in France.


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