Danzarin Shoe Talcum

Danzarin Shoe Talcum

Barefoot in your shoes – but only with the shoe talcum of Argentinian tango dancers.

Keeps your feet dry, fresh and unscathed.
Finally you can wear your favourite shoes without socks or liner socks. Your feet won’t sweat or develop blisters – even if you are on your feet for hours. This shoe talcum is the little secret of tango dancers in Argentinean dance schools.
Builds up a velvety protective layer between the shoe and your bare foot.
Talcum made from soapstone and the finest natural minerals absorb foot moisture – without the addition of any perfumed substances. And the leather of your valuable shoes does not get soaked with sweat easily. The fine layer of powder also prevents the sensitive skin of your feet from sticking to the leather and chafing. Pressure points, red patches and blisters are avoided. And there are no powder deposits on your feet.
The vial is in a shape suitable for shoes, and can even reach the front of narrow pointed shoes.
The velvety, shiny powder can be evenly distributed in the entire shoe – in pumps as well as in slippers and sneakers. A blessing for shopping and sightseeing tours, at work, for sports and in your leisure time.

Contents 60g (2.1 oz), for about 30-40 applications. Sprinkle it carefully to make sure you do not put too much powder into the shoes. For ladies and gentlemen.

Danzarin Shoe Talcum

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