Nehru Shirt

Hollington’s original stand-up collar shirt.


The BDO-Shirt No. 49, Chequered

Meet a good old friend. And forget that shirts always need ironing.


Ingram Everyday Dress Shirt

With Italian flair: Ingram makes the classic dress shirt suitable for everyday wear.


Comfort Linen Shirt

As airy as usual. Surprisingly comfortable. The stretchy linen shirt – with jersey back and sleeves.


Hackett London Seersucker Shirt

Airy, but never too casual: The seersucker shirt with British elegance. By Hackett London.


Gran Sasso Knitted Linen Shirt

So comfortable to wear and so difficult to find: Luxurious shirt made of knitted linen. By Gran Sasso.


Ingram Muslin Short Sleeve Shirt

The most refreshing short sleeve shirt is made of rare woven muslin. By Ingram.


Liberty™ Tana Lawn Shirt

Floral patterned gentleman’s shirt: A huge trend – yet at Liberty™ a tradition for more than 140 years.


The BDO-Shirt No. 45, Striped

Meet a good old friend. And forget that shirts always need ironing.


Dorani Coolmax® Business Shirt

A fashionable black shirt for the summer. Feel the comfort of cotton. Enjoy the climate control of Coolmax®.


Dorani Jersey Shirt

As formal as a shirt, yet as comfortable as a T-shirt. Soft cotton jersey, woven by specialist Tessilmaglia.


Dorani Light Flannel Shirt

As soft and warm as flannel – but a lot lighter, finer and easier to combine. Made of lightweight flannel.


Ingram Jacquard Shirt “Micro Pattern”

Your perfect “inbetween” shirt for business and leisure. Fashionable sage green. Jacquard-woven micro pattern.


super.natural Henley Shirt

Warmer, softer and more interesting than most: The Henley shirt by super.natural.


The BDO-Shirt No. 47, Striped

Meet a good old friend. And forget that shirts always need ironing.


DU4 Fine Cord Shirt

Cord at its finest: This leisure shirt is as stylish as a business shirt. Tailored by Claude Dufour.

Starting at £129
Now Starting at £89

Dufour Smart Denim Shirt

Chic 4.5oz 2-ply denim. Much finer, lighter and smarter than conventional denim.


Ingram Tartan Shirt

Classy enough to wear with elegant sports jackets. Muted colours. Fine fabric. Exquisite details.


Reyn Spooner Hawaiian Shirt “Lāhainā Sailor”

You should buy your Hawaiian shirt on Hawaii. Or ...


Ingram Etamine Shirt

Perfect at 30°C plus: The shirt made of rare etamine fabric. It is opaque and never inappropriate.


van Laack Bowling Shirt

The bowling shirt for gentlemen. In classic white and made from pure linen. By van Laack.


Aigle Outdoor Shirt

This is how stylish a functional outdoor shirt can be. By Aigle, France.


Tencel® Denim Shirt

You’ll love this “denim” shirt both on hot and cold days. Much softer than denim.


Lagerfeld Short-Sleeved Honeycomb Shirt

A stylish novelty: The short-sleeved shirt by Lagerfeld.


Dorani Vintage Linen Shirt

Linen shirt in up-to-date vintage look. And with a once forgotten wearing comfort. By Dorani.


The BDO-Shirt No. 44, Checkered

Meet a good old friend. And forget that shirts always need ironing.


Dorani Glen Check Shirt

Much more inspiring than a plain shirt, but just as versatile to combine. The Black and white glen check.


BDO New Line Shirt

BDO shirt: As good as ever – but a generation younger. The button-down Oxford shirt in a modern slim fit.


The BDO-Shirt No. 42, checked

Meet a good old friend. And forget that shirts always need ironing.


Dorani Light weight Flannel Shirt, Burgundy

Softer and warmer than flannel yet a lot lighter, finer and easier to match.


Constant-Colour Shirt

Black is black. Lasting colour even after many washes.

e. g. Tailor Fit

Nehru Cotton Flannel Shirt

Typical: The stand-up collar. New: The lightweight flannel.


Dufour Jaspé Winter Shirt

A shirt as warm and comfortable as your favourite pullover.


Cashmere Flannel Shirt

Pleasantly warm. Wonderfully soft. And pleasingly inexpensive.


Nehru Shirt, Linen

Hollington’s original stand-up collar shirt.


Ingram Jersey Houndstooth Shirt

The comfort of a T-shirt. The softness of a flannel shirt. And the elegance of a dress shirt.


van Laack Premium Shirt “Royal” Tailor Fit or Slim Fit

Everything you would expect from a premium shirt. Finest cotton. First-class workmanship. Easy-care finish.

e. g. Tailor Fit, single button cuffs, sleeve length 67cm (26.4")
Starting at £125

Panama Shirt

Particularly breathable, light and comfortable.


Sunspel Pima Piqué Shirt

Probably the airiest and most comfortable summer shirt.


Nehru Double Layer Flannel Shirt

New: Double layered flannel that’s really warm. Classic stand-up collar design.


Claude Dufour Paisley Shirt

A classic design on ties. Red-hot as a shirt: The paisley pattern.


Doc Holliday Shirt

Ideal with original jeans. Rustic with leather trousers. Casual as an overshirt with any leisure trousers.


Seersucker Shirt

The Seersucker shirt in finest shirtmaker's quality. By Derek Rose of London. Non-iron.

e. g. Short Sleeves

The BDO-Shirt, Basic Collection

Meet a good old friend. And forget that shirts always need ironing.

Starting at £59