Constant-Colour Shirt

  • High quality two-ply, 100% cotton.
  • Low-crease. Machine washable. Easy-iron.

Black is black. Lasting colour even after many washes.

The Constant-Colour shirt from Claude Dufour.

Many black cotton shirts fade after a few washes, but not this innovative shirt with the Constant-Colour finish. The clever, special treatment gives the woven fabric its special, intense black hue with lasting brilliance – guaranteed for at least 25 washes.
High quality two-ply, 100% cotton.
Breathable, particularly smooth and densely woven fabric, very durable and easy-care:
Low-crease. Machine washable. Easy-iron.
For a perfect fit, please choose from the styles available: Tailored Fit or Slim Fit.

Tailored Fit: Slightly tailored design with back darts. Slim Fit: Slim and figure-hugging with back darts. Moderate shark collar. Casual adjustable cuffs with rounded edges. Tailored fit length in collar size 16": 82cm (32.3"), arm length: 67cm (26.4"). Slim fit length in collar size 16": 80cm (31.5"), arm length: 69cm (27.2"). 100% cotton. Machine washable (with colour detergent).


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