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Much more interesting (and airier) than most cotton pullovers.

A cardigan design that’s refreshingly stylish.

Made from cotton, modal and cashmere in Germany. Exclusive to Fashion Classics.

Fine linen and cotton knit: Casual can look this stylish.

Striped pullover made from fine merino wool that never scratches.

Downy. Lightweight. Greatindoors and under jackets. By Clark Ross, the alpaca specialist.

Pure cotton, rare colour intensity and extra soft.

The sweatshirt’s fashion comeback. In classic “loopback” fabric.

4 yarns. 8 colours. Endless combination options.

Back in fashion: The 1920s fisherman pullover from Brittany. Slim style. Yet comfortably stretchy.

Developed for the South Pole expedition. Water repellent. Windproof. Breathable.

It just doesn’t get any finer or softer. Pashmina, the finest cashmere. Spun and woven in Italy.

The warm woollen jumper that never ever scratches.

As comfortable as your favourite sweatshirt. But made of the finest Mongolian cashmere.

Your most sensational weather protection is a nice pullover. Warm, water-repellent, windproof.

The perfect summer cardigan. Made from hand-picked Peruvian pima cotton. Light. Airy. Soft. And substantial.

Argyle knit. Pure cotton. Italian craftsmanship. Three shades of blue make this pullover easy to coordinate.

Extravagant, hand-knitted jacquard pullover. An original from the Andes. Will not pill.

First-rate and rare: 3-ply cashmere from Inner Mongolia.

Lighter than virgin wool. Almost as soft as cashmere. And far more resilient than both.

Fine. Lightweight. Not too warm. The perfect year-round cardigan. Ideal under a sports jacket, too.

Simple look, superior comfort.

Pima cotton, 12-gauge: The ideal summer pullover.

Wonderfully light, soft and versatile. With unusual purl pattern – made in Ireland.

This pullover made from fine Merino wool by John Smedley weighs less than 10.6oz. Fits any briefcase.

A masterful piece of knitting from Clonakilty.

Airier than most chunky-knit pullovers: The full cardigan stitch troyer.

Fine, handcrafted jacquard design made from strong, pure virgin wool.

This mosaic is not laid but knitted.

Only Cashmere is equally gentle on your skin. The pullover made of extra fine Merino wool.

Lasting beauty and an especially noble gift.