Alan Paine Year-round Zip-neck Pullover

Exceptionally stylish. Ideal throughout the year.

The fine knit zip-neck pullover made of Pima cotton – finished with silk and cashmere.

Inspired by the typical robust sweater worn by sailors, this zip-neck pullover only has the style with a zipped collar in common with the original pullover. Finely knit from top quality yarn, it even looks great when combined with elegant cloth trousers. In the mid season, you can wear just a T-shirt underneath it, and in winter it won’t look bulky under a sports jacket.
Warm, breathable and wonderfully soft.
England’s traditional knitter Alan Paine uses premium yarn made of extra long-staple Pima cotton. This is particularly skin-friendly because it is still picked by hand in Peru – and thus remains free of chemicals. The cashmere also has the best origins: Only in the icy regions of Inner Mongolia does the fluffy undercoat of the goats grow so dense and fine. Smooth silk provides colour intensity and a classy shimmer.
Fully fashioned.
And not – as is unfortunately all too common – cut from mass produced knitting. This will make your zip-neck pullover shape-retaining for years, without wearing out or becoming distorted.

Regular fit. Length in size 42: 70cm (27.5"). 70% cotton, 20% silk, 10% cashmere. Machine wash.



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