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Stylish wood effect – but lighter, more stable and moisture resistant.

Knitted instead of woven: Airier, more summery and remarkably stylish.

The luxurious flat cap: In buttery-soft sheepskin. By Kangol®, traditional British manufacturer since 1938.

The smart warm winter scarf. Authentic regimental stripes. Pure wool. Made in Great Britain. By Smart Turnout.

Mix of patterns – superbly understated, stylish and versatile.

Avoid uncomfortable thigh chafing.

Created by world-renowned perfumer Mark Buxton – and yet a best-kept secret.

Real leather braces.

For ladies and men.

A generous 2 metres long. Half a metre wide. And weighing in at a mere 135g.

Summery light. Stylish. Sturdy.

With triple finish for a soft feel and unique look. Washed, lasered and hand-painted.

Drapes elegantly, stays in place.

A rare original: Irish cable-knit accessories that actually come from Ireland.

Handmade luxury gloves from Italy. Rare buckskin. Incomparably soft, yet robust.

Much more elegant than many other hats – the ivy flat cap made from the finest cloth.

The original Akubra, with a fine kangaroo-leather hatband and opal triplet.

2 colours, endless combinations. Light as a feather. Fashionably trendy. Classier than standard cotton scarves

UGG® comfort in almost every shoe.

Napoleon’s Coronation fragrance: A rare perfume with a history.

Luxury made in Italy: Hand-braided belt made of beautifully soft calfskin leather.

Made from the finest lamb nappa. With removable cashmere lining.

Hand-rolled pocket square in fine silk twill: Supple and stable. Particularly brilliant colours.

Handmade from solid brass and Italian cowhide.

Classy and trendy: The look of wood with a matt finish instead of shiny plastic.

A stain on your tie? Help is finally at hand.

Inhale the fresh, natural aromas of Ireland – as refreshing as a sea breeze. For women and men.

Not just any fashionable check pattern – but the famous Woolrich lumberjack-check. Made in the US.

Smartphone, tablet, etc.: Operate any touchscreen with these elegant leather gloves.

The belt by Colonel Littleton, Lynnville/Tennessee. Nine sizes – one belt.

Tanned and refined in Tuscany.

Fashionable scarf in 10 colours which will go with everything.

No batteries. No electricity. Keeps both hands free. Ideal for hiking and camping.

Luxury gloves by Dents. Made from original Harris Tweed and rare buckskin.

Caviar dots: Probably the most elegant and adaptable tie design. Pure silk. In a modern slim width.

Extremely flexible, thanks to its decorative perforation.

The English gentleman’s braces. By the braces manufacturer with arguably the richest tradition in the world.

Soft and pliable. Perforated for extra ventilation. And classier than most baseball caps.

A classic with a trendy oversized pattern. Timeless herringbone with a modern twist.

A rare luxury indeed: Dreamy soft, thick socks made of 100% 2-ply cashmere. Treat your feet after a hard day.

A truly smart lightweight summer belt. Authentic regimental stripes made in England.

The luxury gloves made from rare curly lambskin. Finest suede. Perfect fit.

The gentleman’s baseball cap – with matching scarf. By John Hanly & Co, traditional Irish weavers since 1893.

Infinitely adjustable and elastic.

Rediscovered: The winter headgear worn by the elite of the US air force.

Finally: A rain hat that always fits. Waterproof. Breathable. With seamless size adjustment.

Business socks with a thermal footbed: Elegant enough for a suit, yet warm for winter.

Fashionable 105" scarf that goes with everything.

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