Ties, Pocket Handkerchiefs & Scarves

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alpi Scarf Classic Patterns 2.0

Classic designs that look surprisingly modern. The mixed pattern scarf made from fine virgin wool. By alpi.

£ 78.90

meinfrollein® Basic Merino Scarf

Available in 3 colours. For men and women. Made in Germany – by meinfrollein®.

£ 99

Silk Tie Indian Summer

Stylish in the colours of Indian Summer.

£ 55

Pellens & Loick Scarf with a mix of Patterns

The elegant one among fashionable scarves with mixed patterns. German design made in Italy.

£ 69

Indigo Batik Shawl

The incomparable blue of the indigo plant. Wax dyed according to traditional batik technique. By Indigo People.

£ 79

Johnstons Double- Face Checked Scarf, Blue/Grey

One elegant double-face scarf. Two classic patterns.

£ 109

Johnstons Rainbow Scarf

One coloured scarf - countless combinations. In superfine merino wool – soft, light and warm.

£ 45

Johnstons Two Metre Merino Scarf

A generous 2 metres long. Half a metre wide. And weighing in at a mere 135g.

£ 59

alpi Doubleface Scarf

Two colours, endless combinations. Fashionably trendy. Classier than standard cotton scarves.

£ 49

Ascot Silk Twill Pocket Square

Hand-rolled pocket square in fine silk twill: Supple and stable. Particularly brilliant colours.

£ 25

alpi Mixed Pattern Double-Face Scarf

Mix of patterns – superbly understated, stylish and versatile.

£ 49
Now £ 29

les D’Arcs Button Scarf

Drapes elegantly, stays in place.

£ 79

Fisherman Cable Hat or Scarf

A rare original: Irish cable-knit accessories that actually come from Ireland.

e. g. Hat
£ 29

Insect Protection Buff®

Original Buff® tube scarf with UV-protection and Insect Shield®. Protects you from the wind, cold, dust, sun and even bugs.

£ 19.95

Ascot Silk Tie “Caviar Dots”

Caviar dots: Probably the most elegant and adaptable tie design. Pure silk. In a modern slim width.

£ 65

Scarf “8 Autumn-Colours”

8 trendy autumn colours make this scarf gorgeous and versatile.

£ 99

Lambswool Check Scarf or Cap

The gentleman’s baseball cap – with matching scarf. By John Hanly & Co, traditional Irish weavers since 1893.

e. g. Scarf
£ 35

Double-face Retro Scarf

Classic design, but in contemporary colourways. The reversible double-face scarf is ideal in every weather.

£ 69

Laco Linen/Cotton Tie

The perfect addition to lightweight summer jackets and suits.

£ 59
Now £ 39

Autumn Buchanan Scarf

Autumn Buchanan tartan in pure cashmere. Centuries old – now rediscovered.

£ 129

Camel Hair Scarf or Cap

Beautifully soft and warm. Ideal for sensitive skin.

e. g. Scarf
£ 69

10-Colour Scarf

Fashionable scarf in 10 colours which will go with everything.

£ 55


A rarity: The Balaclava made of soft and cuddly polar fleece.

£ 25