Leather Braces

Handmade in England.

Real leather braces.
Braces are much more comfortable than belts and also much unusual. Wear these braces made with real leather straps with jeans or with your business suit. They have silver clasps at the front and a sliding clip at the back so that you can adjust them. Plus they are elasticated at the back to give you more freedom of movement.
Traditional with buttons or practical with clips.
You can also fasten these high-quality braces very comfortably directly onto the waistband using the detachable clips (supplied). If you like to be in fashion, button the braces to your leather trousers.
Supplied in a nostalgically pretty gift box. 

Genuine cowhide. By one of the most traditional Belt Company in England.

Leather Braces

Colour: Brown

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£ 75 VAT incl., plus flat rate p. + p.

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