Belts, Braces & Bags

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  • 40"
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  • Beige
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Real leather braces.

With triple finish for a soft feel and unique look. Washed, lasered and hand-painted.

Luxury made in Italy: Hand-braided belt made of beautifully soft calfskin leather.

The belt by Colonel Littleton, Lynnville/Tennessee. Nine sizes – one belt.

Extremely flexible, thanks to its decorative perforation.

A truly smart lightweight summer belt. Authentic regimental stripes made in England.

Summery light. Stylish. Sturdy.

The English gentleman’s braces. By the braces manufacturer with arguably the richest tradition in the world.

The stretchy reversible buckskin belt with 2" of additional comfort. Handmade in Spain.

Great with leisure and business outfits. Handwoven in Spain. By Possum®.

Handmade from solid brass and Italian cowhide.

Tanned and refined in Tuscany.

Infinitely adjustable and elastic.