Cutlery, napkins, spices, sauces, … available on the spot.


The nicer (and more appetizing) way to serve snacks.


Protects the entire hand without slipping off and offers optimum protection against heat.

e. g. Leather Pot Holders

The cast iron classics of the pros. From WOLL, German professional manufacturer with over 40 years of experience.

e. g. Mini Casseroles With Lid

Much better grip, safer: The 14.96″ oven glove made of soft suede leather.


The intelligent tea maker prepares the most diverse tea specialties exactly right. Fully automatic.


Indestructible kitchen utensils made of laminated wood fibre. Made in the USA.

e. g. Spatula

Marks and seals open bottles of beer, soft drink, juice, ... Perfect for parties at home, with your club or in the garden.


No more broken shortcut pastry dough. No stuck-on sponge cake.


Powerful and much gentler on the surface. 100% hygienic and safe to handle.


Extremely sharp and keeps its edge. Ideal for expensive truffles.


Wonderfully delicate and elegant. Nevertheless, extremely resistant to breakage.

e. g. Red Wine Glass

The test winner among sous vide sticks. Great functionality. Great accuracy. Great safety.


Quarter or eighth vegetables and fruit perfectly. Quicker and easier than ever before.


Award-winning design and perfect insulation. Closes 100% tight.


Ideal for liquid foods and for sous-vide cooking.


The high-performance technology of an expensive hand blender at an affordable price.


The better way to grate cheese: Crumb-free and ready to serve.


Easily and cleanly cuts crust and toppings. And matches any cutlery. Quality made in Germany.


Modern pressure cooker and classic 6-litre stainless steel pot in one.


The milkfrother of professionals.


Chic design that is robust enough for daily use. Designed by Naoto Fukasawa.

e. g. Set of 6 Cake Forks

A masterpiece made from head wood. Crafted in Germany.


Save space. And protect your food from ambient oxygen and moisture.


Whip, whisk, stir, ... and scrape clean - with just one ingenious kitchen helper.


Reminiscent of a couture dress: Alessi’s kettle in pleated design.


The energy-saving potato ricer: With a unique twisting mechanism. By Joseph Joseph.


Fully equipped to professional standards. Co-developed by celebrity chef Johann Lafer.


The perfect complement to your portafilter machine. And for aromatic fresh filter coffee.


Compact. Practical. Versatile: A garlic slicer for slivers, sticks, cubes and pulp.


Measures faster. Glides in with virtually no resistance. 1.2mm (0.0472″) thin.


Plays FM and digital radio, CD and MP3 music. With Bluetooth connectivity, USB playback and audio jack connector.