Chilli Mill “Pepe”

  • Also perfect for dried herbs, mustard and sesame seeds, anise etc.

Grind chillies easily, faster and more securely.

This award winning designer chilli mill for kitchen and table produces fine grounds and precise amounts.

Featuring clear acrylic containers to give a free view of the chillies inside, it turns this hottest of all spices into a real eye-catcher in your kitchen and on your table. In short: ”Pepe“ is designed to perfectly fine-grind chillies (instead of just grinding like conventional mills). This way the flavour unfolds and you can add this potent spice more accurately.
Also perfect for dried herbs, mustard and sesame seeds, anise etc.
The integrated cutting mechanism first breaks the spices. Then the sharp blades on the stainless steel base cuts them into tiny pieces. The transparent acrylic container prevents you from using the wrong spice by mistake, plus you’ll always know when you’re running low.
Winner of the Home Style Award in the “Best Look” category.
Awarded at the Interior Lifestyle Fair in Shanghai. Base and cutting mechanism made from 18/10 stainless steel. Size 22 x 4.5cm (8.7" x 1.8") (H x diameter). Weight 180g (6.3 oz).

Crushing dried chillies manually is risky.

The capsaicine released during crushing irritates the skin. If it gets into the eyes it causes burning pain. The solution is a mill that that keeps your hands away from the fiery pods.
Each chilli pod is chopped ultra fine. No clogging.


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