Kitchen helpers & accessories

This espresso machine can do it all. Without electricity.


Indestructible kitchen utensils made of laminated wood fibre. Made in the USA.

e. g. Spoon

Powerful and much gentler on the surface. 100% hygienic and safe to handle.


Extremely sharp and keeps its edge. Ideal for expensive truffles.


Quarter or eighth vegetables and fruit perfectly. Quicker and easier than ever before.


The better way to grate cheese: Crumb-free and ready to serve.


Whip, whisk, stir, ... and scrape clean - with just one ingenious kitchen helper.


The energy-saving potato ricer: With a unique twisting mechanism. By Joseph Joseph.


Compact. Practical. Versatile: A garlic slicer for slivers, sticks, cubes and pulp.


Measures faster. Glides in with virtually no resistance. 1.2mm (0.0472″) thin.


All the advantages of a classic V-grater – yet can be stored in the smallest of spaces.


Plays FM and digital radio, CD and MP3 music. With Bluetooth connectivity, USB playback and audio jack connector.


Grinds the hard kernels to a fine powder. Until the very last.


Finally, fill without spilling.

e. g. Black

Elegant stainless steel/glass design with an extendable display.


Measures to the nearest 0.5°C for accurate roasting and baking results.


Quicker and easier than ever before: Poached eggs – with a perfect shape and consistency.


The delicate precision utensil to grip, turn and serve.


For precisely grilled & fried steaks. Perfect for the grill, hob & oven. For pork, game, duck breast or fish.


For whipped cream, beaten egg whites, dressings, pancake batter, ...


Perfect for oven: The Teflon-coated fiberglass cooking tray.

e. g. 1.5 l, Set of 3

16 herbs and spices ready to hand in a twist – in an elegant design.


Fit easily in a small drawer or hang decoratively.


The best out of five: The Safe Edge came out as the best of 5 can openers.


Easy and convenient to control directly via smartphone and/or tablet.


Just some gentle pressure on the lid is enough: Carrots, kohlrabi, cucumbers ...


Divides pizza and crusts perfectly right to the edge of the baking tray.


The better apple corer: With integrated corer.


Mildly smoked foods – simple and fast as never before.


The cutting wires split your hardboiled egg into 8 fine slices suitable for sandwiches.


Plastic bags, airtight and watertight, sealed within seconds.


This award-winning salad spinner is a long-lasting quality product.


In characteristic sculptural form. One of the last designs from the award-winning architect.


Puts an end to fiddly rolling, layering and cutting.


With these silicone moulds, you are able to achieve a perfect muesli bar.


Keeps the brewing temperature more constant to extract the best coffee aromas. By KPM Berlin.


Glides even more easily. Fine slices of any firm cheese. And nothing sticks.


Split, pit, scoop and slice avocados with just one ingenious tool.


Always exactly the right dough thickness. And no more sticking.


Perfect vegetable spirals in 2 thicknesses: As quick and easy as sharpening a pencil.


A huge eye-catcher made of solid beech wood. Triple-coated with piano lacquer.


Razor-sharp photochemically etched blades. Space-saving 5-in-1 functions.


Particularly handy and precise. Cuts gently rather than tearing.


Much more original than conventional pouring spouts.


Probably the first digital kitchen scales without battery.


The better kitchen thermometer: Faster, more sensitive and much easier to read.


Succulently grilled fish – simply unique.


Solid cast iron crushes spices and herbs easily and precisely. Made from pure natural materials.

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