Tucked into a bottle, the cool white Superflux LED (6,500K) emits a pleasant, well distributed light.


Transforms any empty wine or champagne bottle into an attractive lamp.

For indoors and out.
Simply turn on the LED light rod and slip it into an empty bottle to create your own individual lamp: Perfect for garden and pool parties or a romantic picnic in the park, etc.
No annoying cords. Not a fire hazard. No dripping candlewax.
Unlike a candle, this light withstands any breeze and is entirely safe in the tumult of a party. The efficient Superflux LED (just 0.09W) delivers approx. 11 lumen of light and shines for roughly 100,000 hours.
Purist design made in Germany.
Made of aluminium alloy and acrylic polymer. Splashproof. 26cm (10.2") long. Fits all standard wine bottles with a 17 to 22mm (0.6" to 0.8") inner neck diameter. Runs for up to 100 hours on 3 AA batteries (available separately).


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