Award Winners - Pro-Idee Cuisine

Enjoy the full aroma of freshly ground spices – without large utensils on the table.

e. g. Mini Spice Mill

Award-winning design pepper mill for single or two-handed operation.


Quarter or eighth vegetables and fruit perfectly. Quicker and easier than ever before.


Award-winning design and perfect insulation. Closes 100% tight.


Wonderfully delicate and elegant. Nevertheless, extremely resistant to breakage.

e. g. Red Wine Glass

Grinds the hard kernels to a fine powder. Until the very last.


Keeps washing-up utensils tidy and within easy reach.


Cooks and roasts your dishes to the last degree.


Award-winning permanently antibacterial chopping boards with nanoCARE™ technology.

Starting at £12.95

This award-winning salad spinner is a long-lasting quality product.


Glides even more easily. Fine slices of any firm cheese. And nothing sticks.


Everything in the sink and back out again – just like that!


Made of glass fibre reinforced nylon with flat silicone tip, flexible rim and cutting function.


A clear design in Bauhaus style. Multiple award winner. Made in Germany.


The new damask steel knives series from traditional Japanese manufacturer KAI.

e. g. Paring Knife

Premium potato ricer – lighter, quicker, cleaner.


For baking, gratinats, freezing, and serving – just as in a gourmet restaurant.

e. g. ASA souffle dish with underplatter, 4-piece set

Can also be used as a traditional meat tenderiser with 2 profiles.


A more hygienic and appetising way of serving. Fingerprint-proof, matt stainless steel.


Extremely thin, brilliant, perfectly translucent. Shock-proof, dishwasher-safe and resistant to turbidity.

e. g. White Wine Glass, Set of 2

Produce precise discs, strips,dice & julienne strips. Quick & easy. Perfect for large quantities.


Grind chillies easily, faster and more securely.


Serve freshly squeezed juice elegantly and without pips. No splashes, no mess.


An arward winning pepper mill* from the English specialists Cole & Mason, est. 1919.

e. g. Salt Mill

Cracking nuts has never been so much fun.