Award Winners

Grinds the hard kernels to a fine powder. Until the very last.


Keeps washing-up utensils tidy and within easy reach.


Durable quality made in Germany. By ritter.


Cooks and roasts your dishes to the last degree.


German KitchenInnovation® of the year 2018.


Award-winning permanently antibacterial chopping boards with nanoCARE™ technology.

Starting at £12.95

This award-winning salad spinner is a long-lasting quality product.


Glides even more easily. Fine slices of any firm cheese. And nothing sticks.


Everything in the sink and back out again – just like that!


Made of glass fibre reinforced nylon with flat silicone tip, flexible rim and cutting function.


A clear design in Bauhaus style. Multiple award winner. Made in Germany.

e. g. Toaster Volcano

The new damask steel knives series from traditional Japanese manufacturer KAI.

e. g. Paring Knife

Premium potato ricer – lighter, quicker, cleaner.


For baking, gratinats, freezing, and serving – just as in a gourmet restaurant.

e. g. ASA souffle dish with underplatter, 4-piece set

Can also be used as a traditional meat tenderiser with 2 profiles.


A more hygienic and appetising way of serving. Fingerprint-proof, matt stainless steel.


Extremely thin, brilliant, perfectly translucent. Shock-proof, dishwasher-safe and resistant to turbidity.

e. g. White Wine Glass, Set of 2

Produce precise discs, strips,dice & julienne strips. Quick & easy. Perfect for large quantities.


Grind chillies easily, faster and more securely.


Serve freshly squeezed juice elegantly and without pips. No splashes, no mess.


An arward winning pepper mill* from the English specialists Cole & Mason, est. 1919.

e. g. Salt Mill

Cracking nuts has never been so much fun.