Garden - Pro-Idee Concept-Store

Garden - Pro-Idee Concept-Store

The maxi tealight insert creates the illusion of a real candle. For indoor and outdoor use.

e. g. 12cm tall

These seed bombs will transform barren spaces into flower-filled meadows in 4 to 8 weeks.

e. g. Poppies (3 x 8 Balls)

Healthy and relaxing like walking barefoot. Handmade in Germany.


Clean garden crevices in record time. With one movement, without bending and without scratch marks on the tiles.


Ready to grill in one minute. Without open flames. Without charcoal.


Ambient light, rich 360° sound and cool drinks – all from a fantastic design object.

Starting at £129

Lighter than real stones. More durable than wood.

e. g. Sleepers

The unadulterated beauty of pure linen, handcrafted with ornamental iris print. By Frohstoff, Hamburg.

e. g. Cushion, incl. Filing

Ingeniously flexible adjustable solar lamp for better safety.


Highly efficient solar light. Small art object. And a meaningful social project.


Warm, vibrant candlelight – yet safe and even resistant to rain.

e. g. 18 cm

A traditional campfire – in modern, Danish design. Safe, beautiful and stable.


Ingenious cool box: Spacious, highly insulating, smart-looking.


Placemats with trendy floral motifs. Lastingly beautiful and robust, a friend for every day.


Your folding seat for festivals, race week, picnics, fishing, leisurely visit to a lake, etc.


The professional knife for gardening: Precise, sharp and with a curved blade.


These lanterns are a beautiful highlight that embellish your garden all year round.

Starting at £129.95

Brilliant plant pencils with herb and flower seeds.

Price per 100g £39.80

A safe nesting place for useful pollinators. Made of weatherproof Granicium® ceramic.


For hanging and displaying. With large water reservoir. Made from sturdy, weatherproof plastic.


Comfortable raised form: The raised bed triples the usable area. High-quality construction, made in Germany.


Possibly the largest wind chime on the market. Certainly one of the finest in terms of contemporary design.

e. g. 106cm

A merry piece of Norwegian Christmas tradition.

Starting at £18.95

Ingenious sensor control astonishes your guests and provides atmospheric dimmable light.


Natural evaporation ensures a cool head.


Magnum size cooler made of double-walled stainless steel.


The premium winter boots from Sweden. Optimal cold protection up to -50(!)°C.


Hangs securely from a tree. A perfect fit on the balcony railing.


Crispy-brown grilled sausages. In 5 minutes. At the touch of a button.


The letterbox made of stainless steel in envelope form. Chic eye-catcher instead of boringly smooth.


Nesting aid for endangered beneficial insects. Handmade in Germany.


Much younger, slimmer and more elegant.


iF Student Design Award 2015. Made in Denmark.


Moving flame plate allows the candlelight to dance naturally. For inside and outside.

Starting at £8.95

Beautiful, simple, with a delicate design. For indoors and outdoors.


High quality bonded leather: Waterproof, stain resistant and permanently beautiful.


Versatile range: Stool, garden chair, footrest, etc.


Open all around for unrestricted flying in and out. Made of Granicium®.


Ideal for a holiday, visiting friends, aunts or grandparents.


Romantic candlelight – yet intense and windproof.


Elegant eye-catcher. Comfortable additional seat. And 15 litres of hidden storage space.


Ingenious invention keeps flying insects permanently away from your food.

e. g. 1 Piece

A fascinating display of the finest lights – like giant miracle sparklers.


Urban, modern, made of brushed stainless steel.

e. g. Oblong

Marks and seals open bottles of beer, soft drink, juice, ... Perfect for parties at home, with your club or in the garden.


Fine pearly lighting enchants your garden and terrace at night.

e. g. Solar LED Pendants, Set of 4

Atmospheric lighting for an al fresco candlelit dinner.