Trip Gadgets

Sustainable and practical.


The visco-elastic luxury travel pillow from the USA.


Ingeniously multifunctional: Neck pillow, head pillow and pillow topper in a single product.


Light as a feather. Better padding. Blocks light 100%. Comes with soft ear plugs.


Probably the smallest, strongest and most robust micro-torch in the world.


Brilliant innovation: The “Eye Shaker” – clean your spectacles in the blink of an eye.


Probably the fastest charging power bank in the world.


This rucksack is a nightmare for thieves.


No more hunting for cables, adapters, pens and business cards.


One of the most powerful and most versatile travel adapters in the world.


Triple threat for thieves: Slash-proof. RFID protected. With alarm.


A blessing for long flights, car rides, and bus rides.


The water bottle of Hollywood stars and supermodels.


Natural evaporation ensures a cool head.


Sanitary, safe, prevents drips and odours – just toss in the bin after use.


Hand-sized vanity mirror, magnifying mirror and power bank in one.


Relaxed travelling: All tickets, passes, papers and currencies securely stored and organised, ready to hand.

e. g. Belt Bag

The ingenious over-glasses with magnetically attachable lenses.


The first coffee bar for on the go. Grinds, filters, brews and serves. Without electricity.


100% MAKROLON® polycarbonate with “shark skin” surface. From TITAN®, Hamburg.

e. g. Small, 40 l