Stylish Garden Parties

Looks great on sideboards and tables. Also makes practical plate holder in the kitchen.


Elegant eye-catcher. Comfortable additional seat. And 15 litres of hidden storage space.


Moving flame plate allows the candlelight to dance naturally. For inside and outside.

Starting at £8.95

Portable LED lamp ANI LAMP: 3x adaptable, in award-winning design*.


Magnum size cooler made of double-walled stainless steel.


During the day it’s a refreshing sunshade. At night an enchanting starry sky.


The maxi tealight insert creates the illusion of a real candle. For indoor and outdoor use.

e. g. 12cm tall

Atmospheric lighting for an al fresco candlelit dinner.


Brilliant crystal glass in a classic cylinder shape. Base and edge luxuriously adorned with silver plating.

e. g. Silver-Plated Lantern, 20cm H

Stainless steel wine cooler with Rapid Ice® element: Cools instead of merely insulating - no dripping ice.


“Fireflies” in a preserving jar softly light up the darkness.


Cableless coloured lighting accents for indoors and outdoors. Waterproof and dustproof.


Shiny magnets instead of the usual plastic.


Scandinavian Design. Interior Innovation Award 2014. ‘Special Mention’ at the German Design Award 2015.

e. g. 25cm

A more hygienic and appetising way of serving. Fingerprint-proof, matt stainless steel.


Smoked salmon like in Finland – prepared by you.


Waterproof. Powerful sound. Wireless. The Bluetooth speaker for every day, leisure and outdoors.


LEDs embedded in the glass bottom infuse your drinks with a mysterious light.


A stylish combination of historical glassware and contemporary design. by La Rochère, established 1475.

e. g. Water Tumblers

Warm, vibrant candlelight – yet safe and even resistant to rain.

e. g. 12.5 cm

A stylish fireplace. A cosy wood fire. And the favourite place to be on your terrace.


The patented glass lantern with a fascinatingly elegant interplay of light.

e. g. 1 Piece

Romantic candlelight – yet intense and windproof.


A traditional campfire – in modern, Danish design. Safe, beautiful and stable.


Fine pearly lighting enchants your garden and terrace at night.

e. g. Solar LED Pendants, Set of 4

Eye-catching and wonderfully warm. For garden and terrace.


A fascinating display of the finest lights – like giant miracle sparklers.


Decorative planter in the summer; an impressive fire bowl for autumn and winter.


Impressive campfire. Up to 2 hours of residual heat after the embers have faded.


Ingenious: The gimbal mounted lantern - quickly and cleanly extinguished in the blink of an eye.


Beautiful, simple, with a delicate design. For indoors and outdoors.


Beautiful everlasting soap bubbles – made from iridescent glass. For use indoors and out.

e. g. 20 cm Ø

Sophisticated, stylish vases: Robust lidded buckets in award-winning groove design.

e. g. 10 l

Perfect functionality in Scandinavian design. By evasolo, Denmark.


Beautifully graceful yet very resilient, strong and non-slip.


Ice packs maintain the perfect drinking temperature for up to 4 hours.


Ready to grill in one minute. Without open flames. Without charcoal.


Classic bistro cutlery from the renowned French knifemaker Dubost Colas Pradel, est. 1920.

e. g. Laguiole Bistro Cake Fork

Chic design that is robust enough for daily use. Designed by Naoto Fukasawa.

e. g. Set of 6 Cake Forks

A masterpiece made from head wood. Crafted in Germany.


Teflon® coated fibres make this cloth durable, stain-resistant and easy to clean.

e. g. Tablecloth, 140 x 170cm

The original steak cutlery from Tim Mälzer's "Bullerei" - now available for your home.

e. g. Fork, Set of 2

Lasting beauty – just wipe to clean. For indoor and outdoor use.

e. g. Table Runner

Brightly blazing flames – even if you only use leftover candle stubs. For outdoor use all year round.

e. g. Wax Melter with lid CeraLava®

In 3 perfect shapes for soft, semi-hard and hard cheese.


Soft textile, yet easy to wipe clean.

e. g. Cotton Placemat, Set of 4

No tedious fiddling, no burned fingers, no spilt wax.

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