No tedious fiddling, no burned fingers, no spilt wax.


It holds everything that should be at hand.


Softly lit garden lanterns.


Our solar system – as an artistic mobile.


The stick lighter with an arc instead of a flame.


Spacious when travelling. Space-saving in the cupboard. And ultralight.


Grips, turns and removes in one step.

e. g. For humans

Lightweight, foldable, versatile and especially elegant.


Hand-printed with filigree botanical motifs.

e. g. 40 x 25cm (15.7” x 9.8”), 0.4kg (14.1 oz)

Deceptively realistic, living flames – without fire, smell or smoke.


6 functions in one compact tool.


Secure your webcam in style.


A fascinating display of the finest lights – like giant miracle sparklers.


Enormously versatile, virtually indestructible, and stylish.


Sustainable and practical.


Move-in ready within no time: The perfect base for the future bird nest.


The better vacuum cleaner: runs up to 35 minutes (!).


Drinking, heating, freezing – you can do it all with just one bottle.


A 120dBA loud siren chases away assailants and alerts helpers.


Healthy sitting position while also training your back.


Prize winning design: Three oak boars are now transformed into an exceptional tray.


For plants, magazines, accessories, throws, ... These new baskets have many uses.

e. g. Low

Clean, space-saving and multifunctional thanks to ingenious turning mechanism.


Artwork shaped by hand - each vase is a unique piece.


The modern interpretation of a stylish classic that is beyond any fashion trend.


This magnetic clip-on light makes you more visible in the dark.


The better waste bin: Opens on your command.


Rechargeable vacuum cleaner with integrated hand-held vacuum cleaner and BedPro® power brush.


Fantastically versatile. For inside and outside use.

e. g. 1 Piece

Unique, stylish, sturdy. Provides a cosy natural character.


A blessing for long flights, car rides, and bus rides.


Finally, bowls that keep food and water fresh for longer.

e. g. Drinking Bowl Size XS

It emits a fascinating variety of sounds.


Restful sleep even on hot summer nights.

Starting at £179

Soft textile, yet easy to wipe clean.

e. g. Cotton Placemat, Set of 4

Clean wheel rims: Ingeniously simple, thorough and fast.


Ultrafine. Ultralight. Ultra strong.


Saves effort and works without having to pull and tear.


Perfect comfort for our four-legged friends.

e. g. Cat Bed

One of the most powerful and most versatile travel adapters in the world.


The elegant cover for gas bottles. At the same time an ingeniously practical side table on wheels.


Designer bag hook.


A traditional campfire – in modern, Danish design. Safe, beautiful and stable.


The ingenious over-glasses with magnetically attachable lenses.


Finally: Paint as cleanly as the pros. Without drops of paint, without splatters.


Stylish protection for cosmetics, medicines, chargers, ...

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