Stylish, versatile and never in the way.


The inflatable pillow: The perfect combination of neck, head, cuddle and back pillow.


Made by hand – with pithy surface and visible growth rings. Always unique.

Starting at £54.95

The perfect companion on the go. Manufactured using traditional craftsmanship.


Pure nature in an award-winning design. Hand-crafted from solid stone - no two are alike.

Starting at £59.95

Gentle grooming for your pet – in a natural way.


Heavenly Christmas post. Lovely for inside or out.


The beauty of pure mechanics.


Perfect for runners, walkers, cyclists and skiers,...


Never miss the doorbell ringing again.


Tray and sculpture in one: The side table pig that induces chuckles and wonder.

Starting at £179

A bigger, more powerful hair dryer. In ultra-compact (travel) format.


Sweeping without bending down. And your hands stay clean.


The better stereo earphones for use every day, outdoors and for sports. At an attractive price.


With 7 compartments and twist closure.


The extendable paper bed with accordion folding.


A charming Easter greeting thanks to the fascinating play of light.


Twelve life-like, red roses in a stylish box.


Perfect in design and function. A truly exceptional appearance.


Precious glass shapes of the 1920s/30s – as traditional papier mâché models. By Marolin®/Thuringa.


Displays and calculates the air humidity in the room. And warns against danger of mould.


Enduring beauty: Romantic rose balls – as though freshly cut.

Starting at £26.95

Handwarmer, torch and power bank in one compact tool.


The better fitness shaker: With shaker ball and rounded bottom.


The first thermal underwear with integrated battery.

e. g. Top

Power bank, torch, SOS flashing light, hygiene and banknote tester and a flameless electronic lighter in one.


Just a breath of wind will trigger the dance of the graceful metal dragonflies.


Award-winning design meets outstanding insulating performance.


Safety never looked so good.


Safety made easy: For jogging, cycling, walking the dog, ... in the dark.

e. g. 1 Piece

Extremely thick, with robust dense pile and XL in size.


Trendy marble top. Versatile side table – as elegant as a sculpture.


The premium winter boots from Sweden. Optimal cold protection up to -50(!)°C.


The battery-operated vacuum with the power of a conventional, corded vacuum cleaner.


Stylish modern architecture. Swedish design.


Handy size. Ultralight. Always at hand.


Probably the smallest, strongest and most robust micro-torch in the world.


Never have a spilled drink again: On the desk, at breakfast, on the boat, ...