Finally a cool-bag that looks good. Stays cool for up to 5 times longer than usual cool-bags.

Enjoy the same porcelain used by first class passengers of SWISS Air.

Extra safety for cyclists. Approved for road use.

It’s antibacterial, with each wash cycle, at any temperature. Long-lasting freshness.

Always have the right screwdriver to hand.

Closes with magnets, automatically and seamlessly.

Chic and practical rain protection that’s easy to wear under or over your coat or jacket.

Extremely robust yet lightweight. Reliable protection.

Bendable instead of rigid – the first hinged spirit level in the world.

7 hours of non-stop music and cool disco light without power connector or cables.

Super bright. Very economical. Really hardwearing. Remote control with integrated torch.

Flexible silicone placemats that stay in shape. Dishwasher safe.

The first wet razor for your body with two shaving heads: A lot faster and more efficient.

Stylish and really hygienic – one-hand soap dispenser in a C-shaped design.

Super flexible, microfibre duster. Ideal for cleaning difficult to reach areas.

No more smudged nail polish or cold feet. Just unlimited freedom of movement.

Outdoor fun for everyone. Play solo, with someone else, or in a group. Suitable for garden, park or beach.

A warm light. Natural looking flames. And the elegance of cool stainless steel.

Drink. Fold. Stow. Practical nylon loop to attach it to a backpack.

The design is tall to save space instead of being wide and bulky.

Loudspeaker, torch and power bank in one handy tool.

No more annoying sand on your beach mat. US-patent. Large enough for 2 people.

The size of a sports bag. Up and running in just 10 minutes. No tools required.

Modern design. The 19.7" high stainless steel stand deters cats and other predators. UV and weather resistant.

Spectacular model pig. Use inside or outside as an ornament, storage or quirky seat.

Three functions in one: Umbrella and elegant walking stick – plus a comfortable seat.

The cool box that keeps contents cold for up to 4 days without electricity. Even in ambient temps of 32°C.

A glamourous show-stopper. For elegant displays. Or to neatly store everyday items in a stylish way.

Rare: The complete natural colour spectrum of the sapphire - together in a single piece of jewellery.

Stylish. Impressive sound quality.Wireless.Compact.An unbelievable music experience from virtually any source.

Possibly the largest wind chime on the market. Certainly one of the finest in terms of contemporary design.

Removes weeds and moss from surfaces and grooves. Quick, easy and thorough.

Finally a nail polish that dries in just 30 seconds. Base coat, colour and top coat in one.

Root watering system that saves up to 70% of water – and saves you time. Simple and efficient.

A stylish fireplace. A cosy wood fire. And the favourite place to be on your terrace.

Animated light art consisting of 32 colour LEDs makes your bicycle hard to miss.

The umbrella with a cover on the inside. Long hair and scarves won't get tangled.

Versatile. Easy to carry, space-saving to store. Indispensable around the home, garden, on holiday.

Robust enough for outdoor use, soft enough for bare feet.

This leather bag covers 4 trends in one at a sensational price.

Striking. Pleasant to the touch, and bang on trend. Beautiful on your table and in the kitchen.

Range of up to 174m (571ft). With separately switchable 3W side light. Fits in your glovebox and bags.