Atmospheric glowing light – like distant glittering stars.

£ 42.95

Astonishing sound quality in pocket format. Wireless.

£ 12.95

The bang on-trend bobble hat: Now even with a built-in heating system.

£ 134.95

From now on, the draught under your front or terrace door will be a thing of the past.

£ 27.95

Enchanting bird songs emanate from a splendid tree on the hour.

£ 89.95

Wonderful warmth and style for your feet.

£ 29.95

In hallways, on staircases, in living or dining rooms, ... but also as a doorstop.

e. g. 65cm
£ 14.95

The reusable dehumidifier with patented indicator.

£ 14.95

Gentle snowfall – without shaking.

£ 34.95

Elegant shimmering gold colour. It could have come from a baroque castle – but it is modern cast aluminium.

£ 79.95

Complete karaoke facility in your hand.

£ 34.95

Adorable, but not kitsch – without glitter or frills.

£ 29.95

No heat near your hand. No naked flames.

£ 17.95

A Christmas decoration that will delight your eyes as well as your ears.

£ 54.95

Feed. Protect. Observe.

£ 15.95

Decorative, but not playful. With subtle necklace.

e. g. Small
£ 44.95

Like being on a scooter, you can slide down the ski or toboggan slopes standing up.

£ 119.95

A classic from the early days of electricity.

Starting at £ 169.95

Telephony, music, navigation, walkie-talkie, etc.

£ 139.95

The compact premium audio system by sonoro, Germany.

£ 269

The perfect French manicure in just 10 minutes.

£ 17.95

You will enjoy this bouquet for a long time.

£ 129

Keep your doors open with this stylish pin figure.

£ 59.95

Putting on a bracelet has never been this easy.

£ 17.95

Denmark’s iconic design made of fine porcelain – with a strikingly ribbed texture shaped by hand.

e. g. Small
£ 44.95

Pure nature: Warm merino wool with soft cashmere.

£ 149

Decorative planter in the summer; an impressive fire bowl for autumn and winter.

£ 139.95

The first microbiological odour eater with an instant effect.

£ 14.95
Price per litre £ 19.93

Cordless LED light, where and how you need it.

£ 11.95

Blocks and deflects up to 95% of electromagnetic radiation.*

Starting at £ 34.95

Doesn’t pinch. Effectively supports the cervical spine and neck.

£ 49.95

With screwdriver and bottle opener as well as easy to use corkscrew.

£ 54.95

Lasting beauty – just wipe to clean. For indoor and outdoor use.

e. g. Table Runner
£ 36.95

Bright room lighting – it’s never been so simple.

£ 15.95

Practical carrying basket with six separate ­compartments. Made of sturdy, powder coated steel.

£ 29.95

This shoehorn will be a genuine eye-catcher.

£ 33.90

Decorative 3-piece arrangement with realistic flickering flame.

£ 44.95

The rechargeable torch for life.

£ 79.95

A 120dBA loud siren chases away assailants and alerts helpers.

£ 11.95

iF Student Design Award 2015. Made in Denmark.

£ 41.95

The heavy-duty vacuum flask from the USA.

£ 79.95

With a raised head and a proud stance, the impressive deer is the centre of all attention.

£ 1,299

Long-lasting, light-cured nail varnish – simply remove it by peeling it off.

e. g. Zip Clean
£ 4.95
Price per 100ml £ 99

Within the pendant you always have your trolley token with you and it is quick to hand.

£ 11.50

LEDs embedded in the glass bottom infuse your drinks with a mysterious light.

£ 31.95

Now, without need for a mains cable: The 180° table lamp with 3 light temperatures, dimmer and timer.

£ 89.95
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