Test winner* among children’s high chairs. Award-winning Scandinavian design.


Looks good. And cleans up nicely.


A bag becomes a backpack, a backpack becomes a bag. Designed in Norway.


Not only the price is outstanding: Refined, genuine sapphire jewellery with diamonds.

e. g. Ring

Artfully abstracted. XL figurine. Sturdy stone look, 100% weatherproof.

e. g. Large

Beautiful unadulterated natural fabric. Always unique.

e. g. Linen Placemat

Enormous sunshade, with wind and rain protection at the same time.


Finally: Sunglasses for all activities and any light.


Stronger and more versatile. With charge capacity of 16,800 mAh.


Considerably lighter and more durable. Made of sturdy, recyclable polypropylene.

e. g. 29cm (11.4") diameter

Cute bunny: Alarm clock, thermometer and night-light in one.


Perfect functionality in Scandinavian design. By evasolo, Denmark.


Easy, economical, efficient.


To highlight garage entrances, steps, footpaths, etc.


During the day it’s a refreshing sunshade. At night an enchanting starry sky.


Without kitsch and embellishments. Made of aluminium and solid mango wood.


Decorative bunny figurines provide more free space under your plant pots.


Cosy warmth and the fascination of a strong fire without open flames.


Moving flame plate allows the candlelight to dance naturally. For inside and outside.

Starting at £8.95

Exceptional Easter decoration: Large, shimmering golden eggs with stone look.

Starting at £6.95

Magnum size cooler made of double-walled stainless steel.


All make-up utensils at hand. And no more entangled jewellery.


Ingeniously multifunctional: Neck pillow, head pillow and pillow topper in a single product.


From cosmetic mirror to table lamp in the blink of an eye.


Cools, refreshes and humidifies the air. Exclusive to Pro-Idee.


Optimal growth conditions for your plants. Ready in 5 minutes.


With this ingeniously versatile chair, you can relax or train your abdominal muscles.


Ingenious cool box: Spacious, highly insulating, smart-looking.


More ergonomic, a better impact and less effort. With a powerful root saw.


Finally: Bright light on the barbecue. And both hands free.


Fine pearly lighting enchants your garden and terrace at night.

e. g. Solar LED Pendants, Set of 4

Lightweight. Compact. And inflates in seconds.


Ingenious: The gimbal mounted lantern - quickly and cleanly extinguished in the blink of an eye.


Everlasting beauty: Seven twigs make a fine bundle – as elegant as naturally grown.


Everlasting beauty: Fascinating and true to nature - just like fresh from the florist.


Never too late at the gate anymore.


360° protection for the whole body. Awarded the ISPO Gold Award 2017.

e. g. Men

Perfect cleaning, kitchen and bath towels.

e. g. Bath Towels

Now you can always have the right car care cloth for the right job.


Everything you need stylishly at hand – on trips, in the office, when going out, ...


It-bag for your lunch – in the office and on the road. By Alessi.


Thorough, gentle and quick. Made in Germany.


The first shape shirt, that can effect gentle posture correction.


Stylish, versatile and never in the way.


The inflatable pillow: The perfect combination of neck, head, cuddle and back pillow.


Made by hand – with pithy surface and visible growth rings. Always unique.

Starting at £54.95

The perfect companion on the go. Manufactured using traditional craftsmanship.

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