New generation: With a transparent soleplate and up-to-date thermal glass nanofilm technology.

The fully automatic curler for soft waves and defined curls. Safe. Especially gentle on the hair.

With the sparkle of uncut black diamonds: The delicate necklace made of rare black spinel.

Up to 8 hours of comfortable warmth. 4 temperature levels. Even heat distribution.

Magnifies by 4 to 50 times. Or up to 500 times on your TV screen.

Beautiful indirect light from an award-winning design.

Slim and elegant instead of large and flashy. Timeless Danish design. Clearly legible dial. Pleasant price.

A compact climate improver for sneakers and sports bags.

Snuff out candles without splattering wax. Ideal for candles up high, down low or in hard to reach places.

Wireless: Light and your favourite music from your parasol.

Shovelling made easy. Adjustable to any body size. Back-friendly.

Your mobile phone, keys, coins etc. will no longer fall down between the car seat and console.

Flexibly adapts to any bottle shape and size of fingers. No need to set your polish on a sturdy surface.

The intelligent smoke detector: alerts within seconds in case of alarm via SMS and/or phone call.

An eye-catcher for the hallway, living room, conservatory, ...Tastefully dressed – matches every interior.

Elegant. Organised. Mobile. Stores 5 pairs of shoes on the surface of just one pair.

Alerts in case of a burglary within seconds via SMS and/or phone call.

Easy access to your laptop – get through security checks faster.

A UFO light show in your garden. Simple to control via Bluetooth. Uses solar technology.

Once a cult bus – now a toiletry bag. Still here to accompany you on every trip. Officially licensed.

Storage baskets in on-trend metal wire look – yet made of hand-woven foil paper.

Clearly visible in the dark thanks to luminous reflective fibres in the pompon and cuff.

Fine dual-coloured leather gloves with a good-grip palm.

Finally, a quick and easy way to clean the inside of your car’s windows.

Traditional Christmas decoration in a contemporary design.

Stays warm twice as long – and much safer. With ingenious salt pad, premium cover and safety lock.

Dries your hair faster than a cotton towel. Much gentler than hot air. Ideal for the sauna, spa, beauty salon.

Keep your home under “camera” surveillance. Now even more effective.

Creates a festive table setting in an instant. With lavish gold and silver shining through glass.

Kay Bojesen’s famous teak monkey enchants over and over again. Made from certified plantation teak.

At last: Pleasing warmth from a fireplace dispersed quickly and evenly.

Easily fits into any jacket or trouser pocket. Also great as a portable charger for mobile phones, tablet PCs.

The legendary classic in pocket size, with luminous LED headlights.

Bright. Handy. Waterproof. Surprisingly affordable, too.

Your own mini gym at home – takes up little space.

925 sterling silver. Handmade pendant. Quality made in Germany. Length adjustable.

Finally: Enjoy your old and new vinyl records wirelessly – anywhere.

The first coffee bar for on the go. Grinds, filters, brews and serves. Without electricity.

Comfortably padded and permeable to water. Gentle support for head, neck, shoulders, back, buttocks etc.

Cut even the strongest of branches easily in one cut.

100% protection for mobiles and smartphones from unauthorised access, tracking and tampering.

The new snorkel generation: Provides you with 100% fresh air and doesn’t let any water in.

Added diving safety: Alert your buddy with vibration.

Your most versatile bag: For the office, shopping...Even suitable to use as a beach mat or sunshade.

Elegant design with a secret inside. Aesthetics and functionality harmoniously combined.

Gently cleans and polishes. Removes plaque. For a dazzling smile and visibly whiter teeth.

Festive lighting – but subtle and delicate: The LED light star in a contemporary geometric shape.

Genuine ivy leaves – hand bound and richly embellished with surprisingly realistic cherries.

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