Swings with one single movement from back to front, without loosening the shoulder straps.

Ultimate sleeping comfort, even at 30°C. Quilted mattress topper with smart Cool-fleece.

Ingenious multi-tool bracelet made of specially hardened steel. From Leatherman®. Virtually indestructible.

Stylish. Powerful sound. Water resistant.

A thermometer you can read in the dark – even from a distance.

The latest trend – electric roller skating. With a top speed of up to 11.8mph.*

From the supplier to the Swedish royal family.Elaborately woven tri-coloured jacquard. In pale pink or yellow.

With Bluetooth speaker, radio, hands-free function, clock & sensor-controlled LED lighting. No cable.

With 4K camera - open the box and fly. Superior technology.

Superbly hand made. A focal point for your garden, terrace or balcony. Height adjustable.

Read even the small print with ease. Magnifies 5 to 28 times, or up to 250 times on your TV screen.

Venetian splendour: Shimmering gold and silver, embedded in luxurious Murano glass beads. Handmade.

Pure luxury – extravagant rug made of soft cowhide. Oiled to make it water repellent. Made in Germany.

Refined LED lighting for your terrace, garden, as party decoration, … Solar powered. To hang or stand.

With an antique looking finish. In the English garden tradition.

Opulent floral splendour in a small space. Also ideal for soft fruit, vegetables & herbs.

Stain repellent, non-fading and easy-care. Durable woven Panama fabric. For indoors and outdoors.

Razor sharp, indestructible barbecue cutlery in an elegant case. Designed and manufactured in Brazil.

Instead of just waiting at airports or elsewhere when travelling, you can spend your time usefully in comfort.

Clean your windows without streaks & additional polishing. Perfect on arched windows & curved shower screens.

Sweeping without bending – extremely comfortable and ergonomic.

Extremely lightweight. With a 90cm (3ft) canopy. Even withstands wind speeds up to 80 km/h (50 mph).

Double noise insulation. Excellent sound. Perfect for any sporting activity.

One single stopper for doors, windows, drawers etc.

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