Always have the right glasses. With a turn you adjust the lens strength to suit your needs.

Professional life portrayed with a pinch of irony and lovingly captured in an exaggerated manner.

Straighten, curl, wave and add volume while protecting your hair.

Elegant, with a padded seat and 20 litres of hidden storage space. With removable laundry bag.

A piece of classic sports equipment turned into on-trend seating or occasional furniture.

Battery powered alarm (120dB) with shock sensor and magnetic contact. Installed in 2 minutes. No wiring.

No key. No numerical code. Easy to unlock with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Removes weeds and moss from surfaces and grooves. Quick, easy and thorough.

Battery powered pineapple lamps provide fresh summer accents on your table – perfect for parties.

The perfect mirror to apply make-up and style your hair. 6-fold magnification. Suction cup holder.

360° light and both hands free. Wireless. Magnetic adhesion. Four luminosity modes.

Ingenious combination of a USB car charger and essential emergency tool.

Tiny light with a huge output. 4 luminosity levels. Small enough to put in your pocket.

Just pull the loop to unroll the nautiloop® to its full size

Brilliant crystal glass in a classic cylinder shape. Base and edge luxuriously adorned with silver plating.

Serve, decorate and arrange – all with Mediterranean charm.

Power bank and USB charger in one for your mobile devices. With plug types for more than 150 countries.

Detangles your hair with ease, makes it easy to style and provides a soothing head massage.

With electronic theft & loss protection, GPS tracking, digital TSA lock, built-in luggage scale & power bank.

A close match to professional tripods, yet very affordable.

Serving bowl, storage, decorative object, lantern ...

No more water build-up with this clever garden hose. Recommended by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Loudspeaker, torch and power bank in one handy tool.

One of the smallest camera drones in the world. A real stunt pilot that masters 360° moves.

Softly padded, with 5-fold adjustable backrest and hardwearing textile cover.

Spreads a particularly warm and gentle light. In tune with natural and ethnic trends.

With 60km/h (38.3mph) horizontal speed and full HD camera. Flies non-stop for 25 minutes!

Beautiful as a table decoration, on the mantelpiece, the windowsill, in a Christmas flower arrangement ...

Convenient. Can accommodate up to 8 garment hangers.

All in one fitness tracking for running and swimming.

Transport your tools and keep both hands free while gardening.

Folding table made of fine birch wood. Stable, mobile, versatile. Hand made in Italy.

Invisibly increase your height by up to 4.7cm (1.9"). To suit almost all shoes and all occasions.

Comfortably padded and permeable to water. Gentle support for head, neck, shoulders, back, buttocks etc.

Made from veneered bentwood in a contemporary oak colour, it safely stores four of your favourite pairs.

Drink. Fold. Stow. Practical nylon loop to attach it to a backpack.

Finally a cool-bag that looks good. Stays cool for up to 5 times longer than usual cool-bags.

The new snorkel generation: Provides you with 100% fresh air and doesn’t let any water in.

The passion for golf depicted in comical art.

Instant access to your most used cards. Fits comfortably in the pocket of your trousers or jacket.

Wireless. Mobile. High luminosity. Immense range of options – both indoors and outdoors.

New and improved remake of the classic AB Roller. Simple but effective training for everyone.

Storage, toy bag and play mat in one.

Proof that rain protection can also be stylish.

Enjoy the same porcelain used by first class passengers of SWISS Air.

Extra safety for cyclists. Approved for road use.

Easily readable from a distance. Measures with absolute precision even on carpeted floors.

It’s antibacterial, with each wash cycle, at any temperature. Long-lasting freshness.

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