Gift Ideas


Famous classic design from 1982. Offers a fantastic range of lighting effects.

Stylish. Matt finish. Lots of extra features. Italian design.

Professional life portrayed with a pinch of irony and lovingly captured in an exaggerated manner.

With 60km/h (38.3mph) horizontal speed and full HD camera. Flies non-stop for 25 minutes!

An enchanting decoration – and a beautiful way to hand out your gifts.

Easy access to your laptop – get through security checks faster.

The new snorkel generation: Provides you with 100% fresh air and doesn’t let any water in.

One pair of earrings – 2 different looks. The “trick”: The second pearl that can be attached at the rear.

A luxurious cover instead of plain cardboard.

Award winner in 2003. A classic ever since. Yet now improved even further.

The light from within shines through hundreds of hand-milled holes and adds an air of oriental splendour.

A fashion favourite in the US. Worn by world-famous music and movie stars, DJs and supermodels.

The ultimate 3D experience: Head tracking and 100° field of vision (instead of the usual 45°).

A lot of children adore striped pyjamas. Here is the original by Derek Rose, London.

Money, credit card, identity card, … carry everything with you even in lightweight summer clothes.

At last: Headphones you can fall asleep in comfortably. Ultra-slim. Extremely flexible.

Travel in style with everything you need to hand.

Extra safety for cyclists. Approved for road use.

One of the smallest camera drones in the world. A real stunt pilot that masters 360° moves.

A rarity for collectors: The wristwatch alarm with original clockwork and case from the 70s. Limited edition.

A living artwork. Danish design to inspire your soul. Gigantic size. Weightless impression.

Probably the trendiest variety of sophisticated pearl jewellery.

Communicate like Captain Kirk. Accurate and fully functional 1:1 imitation. Officially licensed by CBS.

At 5ft9” x 5ft9” also large enough for two. By Kero Design/Peru.

A very practical gift that will keep the recipient thinking of you.

The original Akubra, with a fine kangaroo-leather hatband and opal triplet.

Banish moths – without using chemicals.

Once a cult bus – now a toiletry bag. Still here to accompany you on every trip. Officially licensed.

Cosy and pretty – hand-felted hot water bottle made from 100% Merino wool.

Makes working at your PC a lot more fun. Officially licensed.

Versatile, very long and light as a feather. Made of Japanese paper yarn. Design by Betty Gabrielle, Paris.

Rare: The complete natural colour spectrum of the sapphire - together in a single piece of jewellery.

Creates a festive table setting in an instant. With lavish gold and silver shining through glass.

Stylish fashion accessory: The in-ear headphones with a necklace instead of a cable.

Unique work of art. The olive ash grain is as unique as a fingerprint.

Napoleon’s Coronation fragrance: A rare perfume with a history.

The luxurious flat cap: In buttery-soft sheepskin. By Kangol®, traditional British manufacturer since 1938.

Mix of patterns – superbly understated, stylish and versatile.

Handmade luxury gloves from Italy. Rare buckskin. Incomparably soft, yet robust.

Shoe trees made from cedar wood.

Extremely handy – and only the size of a key.

The feeding place is right inside the bell, which protects the seeds from the rain and snow.

Provides shelter from the rain for up to 7 people.Remarkably affordable.

Easily fits into any jacket or trouser pocket. Also great as a portable charger for mobile phones, tablet PCs.

Hand sized vanity mirror and 10-fold magnifying mirror in one. With LED light.

With a no-drip 360° pourer, filter and air-tight stopper.

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