Gift Ideas

Razor sharp, indestructible barbecue cutlery in an elegant case. Designed and manufactured in Brazil.

Venetian splendour: Shimmering gold and silver, embedded in luxurious Murano glass beads. Handmade.

Enchanting swallows tell the time. Image of lifelike flight movements.

Hand-tied table and door decorations made from genuine lavender bringing Provencal flair to your home.

Genuine gold nugget pendant – special and unique, shaped by nature. More valuable than diamonds.

German precision technology plus Italian Design. Maximum comfort – for hours.

A worthwhile fashion investment. A current fashion highlight with the potential to become a classic.

Original design from the archives of one of the oldest tartan weavers.

Drapes elegantly, stays in place.

The luxurious flat cap: In buttery-soft sheepskin. By Kangol®, traditional British manufacturer since 1938.

The smart warm winter scarf. Authentic regimental stripes. Pure wool. Made in Great Britain. By Smart Turnout.

Mix of patterns – superbly understated, stylish and versatile.

Probably the most fuss-free hat you will ever own. And probably the most elegant as well.

Handmade luxury gloves from Italy. Rare buckskin. Incomparably soft, yet robust.

Clearly visible in the dark thanks to luminous reflective fibres in the pompon and cuff.

A watch that suits every style and occasion. Designed in England. Made in Switzerland.

It’s the world’s first power-folding stroller. At the touch of a button, it folds itself.

Silky soft with a luxurious thick pile and subtle colouring – yet surprisingly affordable.

Optimal visibility while driving using the synergy of two technologies: photochromism and polarisation.

As delicate as paper but made from strong powder-coated steel.

Make 16 triangular ice cubes to cool drinks in a quick and easy way.

The well known thermal flask – now with golden finish.

Designed by eight famous architects of our time.

Effective and environmentally friendly trap in decorative pear shape.

Brightly shimmering "bonbon" packing: Simply fill, close with a ribbon - done.

Luxurious gift packaging made from beautiful faux fur by WINTER CREATION of Switzerland. Irresistibly soft.

Wooden star with an enchanting effect. Sparkling starlight adds a magical glow to any room.

Glass jar with tightly closing stainless steel lid keeps biscuits fresh - and protected thanks to the bell.

Today an evening bag with chain strap – tomorrow a clutch and a necklace.

Make your Christmas tree grow to the desired height. Ideal for homes with children and pets.

The ”pencil“ for life. It never needs to be sharpened and won’t wear down.

Fine table linen. Elegant, softly flowing fabric, elaborately adorned with glittering stars.

The perfect way to grate cheese ready to serve, without mess.

Soft, stylish –and truly elegant. Exquisite faux fur from WINTER CREATION of Switzerland.

Make your floral arrangement look like a real piece of art.

Protects your table from scratches and stains. Available in gold or silver colour to match any setting.

The crowning glory to your Christmas tree. Two versions – to suit all Christmas tree decorations.

Dark. Secretive. And with a beautiful metallic sheen.

This French bulldog delivers top-notch HD sound quality. By Jean Michel Jarre.

The ultimate 3D experience: Head tracking and 100° field of vision (instead of the usual 45°).

A warm home for your feet.

Quite hard to find on a global scale – yet a traditional classic in Italy.

A more hygienic and appetising way of serving. Fingerprint-proof, matt stainless steel.

Cools to perfect drinking temperature in just 10 minutes and keeps cool for hours.

Spoil your guests with the latest cocktail trend.

Traditional Swedish characters evoke a wonderful Christmas spirit.

Rare to find – vegan beard shampoo. Extremely mild and skin-friendly. Pleasantly cooling.

Solid appearance. Flexible, comfortable fit. Handmade.

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