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Gifts for women


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The typical signature of Pininfarina. Exclusively for Pro-Idee customers.


Not only the price is outstanding: Refined, genuine sapphire jewellery with diamonds.

e. g. Ring

All make-up utensils at hand. And no more entangled jewellery.


Better than a full jewellery box: The reversible bicoloured creole earrings.

Starting at £369

Hand-braided and hand-sewn. By Fontanelli. Tuscan bag-making craftsmanship since 1860.


Sleek. Elegant. And still roomy. Made of rare bison leather.


Exceptionally chunky, unexpectedly light.


Striking bison leather. Ingenious four-compartment insert system.


Both fashionable and classic. And incredibly versatile. Made in Italy by Cerruti 1881.

Now £335

Hand woven and hand sewn. Made from buttery soft lamb nappa. Purse maker’s art from Tuscany since 1860.


Sensor-controlled handbag light and 2,000mAh power bank.


Befitting storage for your favourite bags.


The leaf of the world’s oldest tree. Cast in 925 sterling silver.


The professional all-rounder among hair-styling tools.


Small accessories rarely have an effect as big as the charms by Love Moschino.

e. g. Sneaker
Now £29.95

Stylish handbag charm. And in case of emergency, an immediately accessible alarm.

e. g. Dots

Hand sized vanity mirror and 10-fold magnifying mirror in one. With LED light.


All your essential items in an inner bag – with lighting.

e. g. Small

Italian classic by Chiarugi/Florence. (At an extremely attractive price.)


Rare: The complete natural colour spectrum of the sapphire - together in a single piece of jewellery.


Grey-blue agate with individual etching. Each of these necklaces is unique.


Long 109cm (42.9") or shorter 90cm (35.4") necklace. 1- or 2-row collier necklace. Matching bracelet.


The popular friendship bracelet. Hand-dyed silk chiffon, adorned with a precious cultured pearl.


Slim and elegant instead of large and flashy. Timeless Danish design. Clearly legible dial. Pleasant price.

e. g. Women

Over 550 delicate, individual pieces made of 750 yellow gold.


Subtle by day, opulent in the evening: The adjustable creole earrings with dangling Tahitian cultured pearl.


Designed by nature: The leaf of the bodhi tree. Gold- or silver-plated. Each necklace is unique.


Probably the trendiest variety of sophisticated pearl jewellery.


Designed and manufactured in London. Finished with sterling silver. By Robert Tateossian.


With the sparkle of uncut black diamonds: The delicate necklace made of rare black spinel.


Venetian splendour: Shimmering gold and silver, embedded in luxurious Murano glass beads.

e. g. Bracelet

Over 40m years old – and captured in this delicate necklace. The amber heart – a sign of everlasting love.


Goes with any outfit: The bracelets by Altesse, France.

e. g. Narrow, Silver coloured

Unique colour and texture. Still pleasantly affordable.

e. g. Bracelet

Designer bag hook.


Rarely is rainwear so chic and feminine.


The sun cover protects your expensive sunglasses.


Shoe trees made from cedar wood.

Starting at £25

Much too lovely to hide. Shiny and elegant like a pretty accessory. With easy to use fastener.


Hand-sized vanity mirror, magnifying mirror and power bank in one.