over £ 500


Unique work of art. The olive ash grain is as unique as a fingerprint.

The latest trend – electric roller skating. With a top speed of up to 11.8mph.*

Genuine gold nugget pendant – special and unique, shaped by nature. More valuable than diamonds.

The patented SQOOM technology regenerates your skin, visibly smoothing out wrinkles.

Ultra light. Steers via remote control or iPhone.

It’s the world’s first power-folding stroller. At the touch of a button, it folds itself.

The Parrot high-tech drone with fascinating flight ability and full HD camera.

This French bulldog delivers top-notch HD sound quality. By Jean Michel Jarre.

20.6 ounces pure cashmere. A gentle way to wind down after a hard day. By Johnstons. Limited edition.

Dark Tahitian cultured pearls by the pearl king Robert Wan: Larger. Nearly flawless. More radiant.

Thanks to this stainless steel firewood trolley you’ll never have to haul heavy baskets again.

A friend for life – the big teddy bear to love, lean on and cuddle.

20 years of Bogner Leather. The anniversary bag is a classic yet trendier than ever.

Both high-end speaker & iconic object. Developed under the direction of star musician, Mr. Jean Michel Jarre.