Christmas 2018

Sleek. Elegant. And still roomy. Made of rare bison leather.


Striking bison leather. Ingenious four-compartment insert system.


With childhood whimsy. Colourful but not too garish.

e. g. Table Runner, 44 x 140cm (17″ x 55″)

Beard care with the Original King Cutter – style from 1906.


1 pair of earrings – 2 looks.


Shimmering gold captured in an elegant heart made of Murano glass.

e. g. Heart Pendant

Multiple award winner. Pleasantly affordable.


Indestructible bison leather. Huge capacity.

e. g. Bag

Communicates via Bluetooth with your mobile phone. And requires neither battery nor charger.


Over 550 delicate, individual pieces made of 750 yellow gold.


The cuddly soft thermal cushion with flexible hands-free strap system.


Luxurious bangle made of 18 carat yellow, white or rose gold.


It will bring you closer to your dream car in 24 steps. A daily pleasure.


Provides brighter light for improved colour clarity - and triple magnification.


Beautiful as gift packaging or decoration. Placed vertically or flat.


Cool, kitsch-free decorative piece: A chromed star with LED light contours.


Enchanting bird songs emanate from a splendid tree on the hour.


Compact. Organised. Weatherproof. With many clever extras.


The renaissance of a legendary automobile. Limited to just 500 copies.


The award-winning porcelain classic from 1957.

e. g. Creamer

The perfect rucksack for business, sports and travel.


Befitting storage for your favourite bags.


A bottle opener that works perfectly!


Sensor-controlled handbag light and 2,000mAh power bank.


Relaxed travelling: All tickets, passes, papers and currencies securely stored and organised, ready to hand.


The bang on-trend bobble hat: Now even with a built-in heating system.


Chiarugi Doctor’s Bag from 1969. Made in Italy. Exclusive to Pro-Idee.


Even at a distance of 3cm (1.2"), nobody can read your personal data.


Ingenious coffee maker with double microfilter system and insulated walls.

e. g. 0.55 litre

Sprinkle the right amount of spice, with a pinch of wit. From German designer Philippi.

e. g. Pepper Shaker “Diabolo”

Wellness oasis, alarm clock (with light) and powerful music system – in one stylish device.

e. g. Black

8 hooks hold coats, jackets & much more in a space-saving design. Sturdy stainless steel.


The wallet for life: Made of rare buffalo leather, exquisitely processed. By Hartmann.


The legendary classic in pocket size, with luminous LED headlights.

e. g. Light Beetle 1964

The flight case of American pilots in the 30s. A legend today.


Money, credit card, identity card, … carry everything with you even in lightweight summer clothes.


The feeding place is right inside the bell, which protects the seeds from the rain and snow.


A great place to store your pens & safely keep your mobile phone,reading glasses,etc. from getting scratched.


Extremely lightweight. With a 90cm (3ft) canopy. Even withstands wind speeds up to 80 km/h (50 mph).


Just pull the loop to unroll the nautiloop® to its full size


Don’t waste any of your baggage allowance: This giant bag weighs less than 0.5 oz (!) per litre volume.


The leather wallet with a patented security system for your credit cards.


Elegant on your couch, supremely comfortable as a floor cushion.


Grey-blue agate with individual etching. Each of these necklaces is unique.


A rarity for collectors: The wristwatch alarm with original clockwork and case from the 70s. Limited edition.

Now £899

1 pair of earrings - 2 looks. The trick: A second pearl that can be hooked on to the back.

e. g. Silver Gold-Plated

Over 40m years old – and captured in this delicate necklace. The amber heart – a sign of everlasting love.

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