Christmas 2017

These hand-made wood chip trees are real treasures of Ore Mountains folk art.

£ 219

Enjoy the warm glow of luxury candles, ... that never burn down.

£ 17.95

Luxuriously processed and featuring a faded jacquard design. With clever anti-stain treatment.

e. g. Table Runner, 49,5 x 145cm (19.5" x 57")
£ 23.50

Charming as a child’s seat, sculpture, shelf, ...

£ 219

A dream from childhood days: A rocking horse – now in XL size.

£ 1,199

LEDs embedded in the glass bottom infuse your drinks with a mysterious light.

£ 31.95

Gentle snowfall – without shaking.

£ 34.95

Elegant and unique oriental splendour – made from elaborately hand-pierced metal.

e. g. Small
£ 69.95

Festive lighting in impressive XL size.

£ 64.95

Made from top quality merino wool and cashmere.

£ 219

Made of heat-storing CeraFlam® ceramic. Handmade in Germany.

£ 26.95

This exclusive craftsmanship from Galicia is a perfect cosy “nest” for shawls, throws, magazines ...

£ 179.95

Decorative 3-piece arrangement with realistic flickering flame.

£ 44.95

Decorative, but not playful. With subtle necklace.

e. g. Small
£ 44.95

A Christmas decoration that will delight your eyes as well as your ears.

£ 54.95

Adorable, but not kitsch – without glitter or frills.

£ 29.95

In hallways, on staircases, in living or dining rooms, ... but also as a doorstop.

e. g. 65cm
£ 14.95

From now on, the draught under your front or terrace door will be a thing of the past.

£ 27.95

The light from within shines through hundreds of hand-milled holes and adds an air of oriental splendour.

e. g. Small
£ 39.95

Atmospheric glowing light – like distant glittering stars.

£ 42.95

Made of natural wood and genuine cones, arranged by hand.

e. g. 67cm (26.4")
£ 39.95

This round-necked snowman will make you want to touch him over and over again.

£ 87.95

The realistic Christmas tree complete with LED light decoration.

Starting at £ 109

Tiny LEDs inside create a fascinating sea of lights.

£ 24.95

Art object and elegant table/doorbell in one.

£ 179.95

Harmonises with any interior style.

£ 149.95

The fascination of physical phenomena.

£ 152

Popular metallic trend: Festive sparkles under the Christmas tree.

£ 89.95

Now your Christmas tree will watch your every move.

£ 11.95

A gigantic eye-catcher: Santa Claus – 6.2ft tall and weatherproof.

£ 529

An eye-catcher for the hallway, living room, conservatory, ...Tastefully dressed – matches every interior.

e. g. Size S
£ 25.95

The crowning glory to your Christmas tree. Two versions – to suit all Christmas tree decorations.

e. g. Gold-plated
£ 37.95

Each ceramic object is lovingly hand-painted and glazed.

£ 52.95

Festive lighting – but subtle and delicate: The LED light star in a contemporary geometric shape.

£ 39.95

Icon of physics: Bohr’s atomic model as an artful designer mobile. Each item is unique.

£ 39.95

Famous classic design from 1982. Offers a fantastic range of lighting effects.

£ 85

Elegant storage space for wet shoes and muddy boots.

£ 79.95

Elegant, with a padded seat and 20 litres of hidden storage space. With removable laundry bag.

£ 69.95

Made from antiqued aluminium. Perfect for Christmas, parties or as year-round decoration.

e. g. Carriage
£ 139

Elaborately folded star serviettes – set up with one single movement.

£ 16.95

A table runner resembling a painting. Unique weaving method with innovative, tricoloured pixel technique.

£ 44.95

Award-winning design. Clever concept. (And a very reasonable price.)

e. g. Polystone Towel Rack
£ 89.95

100% soft, absorbent cotton. Washing machine and dryer friendly.

£ 62.95

Unique serving platter made from petrified wood, 20 million years old.

£ 130.95

Creates a festive table setting in an instant. With lavish gold and silver shining through glass.

£ 44.95

As light and as soft as a cashmere throw. As easy to care for as a hand towel.

£ 119.95
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