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Probably the most attractive, functional place to rest your spoons and other utensils. By Alessi.

America's favourite fan – now even more powerful (and better looking).Powerful enough for rooms up to 120m²(!)

Silky soft with a luxurious thick pile and subtle colouring – yet surprisingly affordable.

No more smudged nail polish or cold feet. Just unlimited freedom of movement.

Discreetly film & take photographs. Full-HD quality. Even in the dark.

Flexible silicone placemats that stay in shape. Dishwasher safe.

Will fit any model and can be hung anywhere.

At last: Headphones you can fall asleep in comfortably. Ultra-slim. Extremely flexible.

Travel in style with everything you need to hand.

A glamourous show-stopper. For elegant displays. Or to neatly store everyday items in a stylish way.

Outdoor fun for everyone. Play solo, with someone else, or in a group. Suitable for garden, park or beach.

Extremely robust yet lightweight. Reliable protection.

Versatile, very long and light as a feather. Made of Japanese paper yarn. Design by Betty Gabrielle, Paris.

Bendable instead of rigid – the first hinged spirit level in the world.

A warm light. Natural looking flames. And the elegance of cool stainless steel.

Three functions in one: Umbrella and elegant walking stick – plus a comfortable seat.

The design is tall to save space instead of being wide and bulky.

Radio, speaker, flashlight and power bank in one handy tool.

Read even the small print with ease. Magnifies 5 to 28 times, or up to 250 times on your TV screen.

Rare: The complete natural colour spectrum of the sapphire - together in a single piece of jewellery.

With 4K camera - open the box and fly. Superior technology.

Modern design. The 19.7" high stainless steel stand deters cats and other predators. UV and weather resistant.

The first automatic, energy-efficient handbag light.

The size of a sports bag. Up and running in just 10 minutes. No tools required.

Stylish. Impressive sound quality.Wireless.Compact.An unbelievable music experience from virtually any source.

Napoleon’s Coronation fragrance: A rare perfume with a history.

Avoid uncomfortable thigh chafing.

Exquisite eye-catchers to keep things orderly. Design: Piero Lissoni, 2010.

Restores deep colour and shine.

The first-class seat for mobile phones, music players, cameras, etc.

Turns every cupboard door into a towel rack. Simply hang it over the door. For the kitchen & bathroom.

Sigmund Freud’s famous couch rug: Probably the most remarkable workplace for your computer mouse.

An enchanting decoration – and a beautiful way to hand out your gifts.

Stylish handbag charm. And in case of emergency, an immediately accessible alarm.

The flight case of American pilots in the 30s. A legend today.

Cheese fondue XXL for 4 to 12 people. Extremely sturdy, ideal at holding and evenly distributing heat.

Digital technology on a small scale: In neutral grey tones (instead of diffuse green).

The legendary tennis bracelet – now in a new, modern statement size. For every occasion.

Rapid assistance in heavy rain, high water and flooding.

For indoors/outdoors: Never gets tired of training & playing with your dog. Gives you (and your arms) a break.

More dynamic than beach volleyball. Can be played anywhere. Set up in 5 minutes.

Modern activity tracker and elegant watch in one – the first of its kind.

This leather bag covers 4 trends in one at a sensational price.

Makes working at your PC a lot more fun. Officially licensed.

Super bright. Very economical. Really hardwearing. Remote control with integrated torch.

Stylish and really hygienic – one-hand soap dispenser in a C-shaped design.

Super flexible, microfibre duster. Ideal for cleaning difficult to reach areas.

Swings with one single movement from back to front, without loosening the shoulder straps.

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