A 120dBA loud siren chases away assailants and alerts helpers.


With 7 compartments and twist closure.


Probably the smallest underwater scooter in the world. Perfect for a holiday.


Handwarmer, torch and power bank in one compact tool.


Handy size. Ultralight. Always at hand.


Light as a feather. Better padding. Blocks light 100%. Comes with soft ear plugs.


A bigger, more powerful hair dryer. In ultra-compact (travel) format.


Berghaus Hyper 100: The first 3-layer outdoor jacket weighing under 100g (3.5 oz).


The perfect rucksack for business, sports and travel.


The quick facial skin refresher for on the go.


Wallet and mobile phone case in one.


The perfect combination of warmth and freedom of movement.


Glare-free HD vision in the car. In any weather. All year round. In any light.


Probably the smallest, strongest and most robust micro-torch in the world.


Amazingly versatile, foldable and at an unbeatable price.


Probably the fastest charging power bank in the world.


BedBox® transforms your child’s airplane seat into a comfortable bed.


For globetrotters and meeting rooms.


Hip during the day. Safe in the dark.


Water-repellent. Windproof. Reversible. Visible from a distance. And transformed into a safety vest in no time.


Indestructible bison leather. Huge capacity.

e. g. Bag

Ingenious: The climate-control sock with built-in blister protection.


Natural evaporation ensures a cool head.


Sustainable and practical.


Probably the safest shoulder carrier system.


More than just a neck wallet.


Hand-sized vanity mirror, magnifying mirror and power bank in one.


Triple threat for thieves: Slash-proof. RFID protected. With alarm.


A fashionable bag or a convenient trolley? Both.


This rucksack is a nightmare for thieves.


Enormous capacity. Robust material. Good design.


No more hunting for cables, adapters, pens and business cards.


The clever space-saving wonder in women’s wallets.


Always have a cosy fleece hoodie on hand.


Thieves won’t stand a chance.


Don’t waste any of your baggage allowance: This giant bag weighs less than 0.5 oz (!) per litre volume.


The first automatic, energy-efficient handbag light.


Finally better vision when driving at night. By Eagle Eyes®, USA.

e. g. Clip-on

Lightweight, foldable, versatile and especially elegant.


Battery-operated and compact. Durable, yet light as a feather.


Enormously versatile, virtually indestructible, and stylish.


Drinking, heating, freezing – you can do it all with just one bottle.


Spacious when travelling. Space-saving in the cupboard. And ultralight.


The first coffee bar for on the go. Grinds, filters, brews and serves. Without electricity.


Sensor-controlled handbag light and 2,000mAh power bank.


Relaxed travelling: All tickets, passes, papers and currencies securely stored and organised, ready to hand.


The modern interpretation of a stylish classic that is beyond any fashion trend.

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