The first automatic, energy-efficient handbag light.

£ 19.50

The quick facial skin refresher for on the go.

£ 16.95

Travel in style with everything you need to hand.

£ 21.95

The perfect rucksack for business, sports and travel.

£ 149.95

Relaxed travelling: All tickets, passes, papers and currencies securely stored and organised, ready to hand.

£ 13.95

An essential for when you’re on the go.

£ 9.95

Perfect for unique live recordings: During adventures, hiking, trekking, outdoor events, etc.

£ 99.95

Ingenious combination of a USB car charger and essential emergency tool.

£ 34.95

Chiarugi Doctor’s Bag from 1969. Made in Italy. Exclusive to Pro-Idee.

£ 299

Ingenious teeth whitening foam with immediate and long-lasting results.

£ 17.50
Price per 100ml £ 35

Simply flip over instead of switching it on and off. The ideal travel alarm clock.

£ 22.95

Sturdy hard shell trolley for short trips. Also doubles up as a stylish kid’s buggy.

£ 159.95

Blocks and deflects up to 95% of electromagnetic radiation.*

Starting at £ 34.95

This small bidet offers a great feeling of hygienic freshness when on the move.

£ 17.95

BedBox® transforms your child’s airplane seat into a comfortable bed.

£ 149

Hand-sized vanity mirror, magnifying mirror and power bank in one.

£ 29.95

Ingenious: The climate-control sock with built-in blister protection.

£ 19.95

Probably the safest shoulder carrier system.

£ 139.95

As elegant and supple as leather – but much less expensive and easier to care for.

£ 119

The flight case of American pilots in the 30s. A legend today.

£ 369

Unscrew. Fill. Enjoy.

£ 24.95

Sturdy dobby nylon. Elegant design. Practical features. Plenty of room.

e. g. Small, 33 litres
£ 99.95

Sensor-controlled handbag light and 2,000mAh power bank.

£ 29.95

Indispensable tool and lifestyle accessory at the same time. The new generation of the Swiss penknife.

£ 32.95

The result of a perfect partnership. Stylish design. Many clever features.

£ 269

Even smaller and lighter than an AAA battery. With an illumination range of up to 15m (49ft).

£ 13.95

The bang on-trend bobble hat: Now even with a built-in heating system.

£ 134.95

A close match to professional tripods, yet very affordable.

£ 156

iF Student Design Award 2015. Made in Denmark.

£ 41.95

With screwdriver and bottle opener as well as easy to use corkscrew.

£ 54.95

Finally, a vacuum flask suitable for carbonated beverages. A stylish design in double-walled stainless steel.

e. g. 0,5 l
£ 30.95

The rechargeable torch for life.

£ 79.95

Cosy and pretty – hand-felted hot water bottle made from 100% Merino wool.

£ 33.95

Doesn’t pinch. Effectively supports the cervical spine and neck.

£ 49.95

Clean water within seconds. Fits in all backpacks and pockets.

£ 44.95

Triple threat for thieves: Slash-proof. RFID protected. With alarm.

£ 49.95

Easily fits into any jacket or trouser pocket. Also great as a portable charger for mobile phones, tablet PCs.

e. g. 1 Piece
£ 24.95

More practical than a bag. Handier than a rucksack.

£ 29.95

Berghaus Hyper 100: The first 3-layer outdoor jacket weighing under 100g (3.5 oz).

£ 259.95

Within the pendant you always have your trolley token with you and it is quick to hand.

£ 11.50

Compact. Light. Exact atomic time. Perfect for home or travel.

£ 19.95

The lighter with an arc instead of a flame. No lighter gas or fuel. No heat near your hand.

£ 25.95

Exceptional design by mamalila: One jacket – three wearing styles. Made of weatherproof softshell.

£ 169.95

Don’t waste any of your baggage allowance: This giant bag weighs less than 0.5 oz (!) per litre volume.

£ 62.95

Chic and practical rain protection that’s easy to wear under or over your coat or jacket.

£ 27.95

In the forest, at sea, while camping. Your mobile solar station provides power and light.

£ 66.95
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