Globetrotter Waistcoat

Globetrotter Waistcoat

The luxurious waistcoat for true globetrotters.

Made of soft lamb nubuck leather. Weighs only 21 oz.
All true globetrotters will sooner or later discover their favourite waistcoat and keep it for the rest of their lives. These are often unique handmade pieces which cannot be purchased in any shop. Seldom are they as attractive and ingenious as this one – or as comfortable.
True globetrotters know why they never leave their waistcoat at home. They’ll wear it in the Guatemalan jungle as well as in the lobby of the Mandarin Oriental. The fine lamb nubuck leather used for this waistcoat is elegant enough to practically wear anywhere in the world (at least in daytime). You can wear a sports jacket or a warm jacket over the top or just a light shirt underneath.
You can carry all your important things inside it without anyone noticing.
Many travellers have had such bad experiences that they won’t even let the hotel concierge mind their waistcoat for 30 seconds. You’ll enjoy the feeling of having all your valuables on you, without having to wear uncomfortable clothes, especially when flying.
With practical zipper.
Open the zipper and you will discover a pocket for your mobile phone, 2 pen compartments and 3 zipped compartments. One compartment is deep enough for airline tickets and a passport, the other will hold your wallet and other papers. The outside has 2 zipped inset pockets.
Water repellent.
Even in the tropical rain of Hong Kong, your flight ticket and mobile phone will stay dry. Turbulence on the return flight? Champagne on your waistcoat? Don’t worry, as both the leather and the mixed fabric have been treated with water repellent – drops of water just run off.
You can either have a waistcoat custom-made for you somewhere else or order this one exclusively from Pro-Idee.
We bought this waistcoat (with difficulty!) from a genuine globetrotter and had it exclusively copied in 6 sizes for Pro-Idee customers. Only a few changes were needed and the ideal travel waistcoat was virtually produced overnight.
The sheep from the Himalaya produce leather unlike any other.
They grow extremely fine underwool to keep warm in icy temperatures. These delicate hairs of the Tibetan sheep grow on dense, fine pored hides which are especially smooth in texture. They are incomparably soft and supple to the touch, yet hardwearing and more durable than other fine-grain leathers. There’s no comparison to thready suede.
Backed with supersoft cotton.
The front and the inner pockets are in lamb nubuck leather. The back of the waistcoat is made of 100% cotton. This makes your waistcoat particularly soft and light (only weighing 585g / 21 oz) in UK size 40. Colour: Brown.
Wear this waistcoat on your next journey. Or on any occasion at home. Wear a sports jacket over the top and you’ll be perfectly dressed for a business meeting. Don’t wait to order this extraordinary waistcoat, as supplies are limited. By Oconi.

Globetrotter Waistcoat

Colour: Brown

Size: 38 - (Euro Size: 48)

Order Number: 214239, Item in stock

£ 219 VAT incl., plus flat rate p. + p.

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