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The renaissance of a legendary automobile. Limited to just 500 copies.

£ 1,399

Probably your most elegant and versatile fitness device.

£ 325

Keeps ice-cold over 26 litres of beverages. Officially licensed by VW.

£ 299.95

Hot smoked delicacies at the touch of a button – cooked to perfection.

£ 94.95

All in one fitness tracking for running and swimming.

£ 89.95

The world’s first cardboard football table.

£ 75.95

A dream for all children over 3: The VW camper van to play or sleep in, to use for camping ...

£ 72.95

The revolutionary PFLEXX® knee exerciser for exercising and day-to-day activities.

£ 184.95

The new snorkel generation: Provides you with 100% fresh air and doesn’t let any water in.

£ 84.95

The nortik folding kayak: Thanks to ingenious origami technology folds out in just 3 to 5 minutes.

£ 1,290

Provides shelter from the rain for up to 7 people.Remarkably affordable.

£ 24.95

The must-have in the USA and now finally here: The inflatable XXL unicorn.

£ 44.95

Avoid uncomfortable thigh chafing.

£ 19.90

Money, credit cards, mobile, keys, etc. Keep your valuables safe on your person.

£ 12.95

One of the smallest camera drones in the world. A real stunt pilot that masters 360° moves.

£ 53.95

In the forest, at sea, while camping. Your mobile solar station provides power and light.

£ 64.95

Storage, toy bag and play mat in one.

£ 31.95

Added diving safety: Alert your buddy with vibration.

£ 169.95

No more annoying sand on your beach mat. US-patent. Large enough for 2 people.

£ 50.95

Automatic lens tinting plus effective anti-glare finish.

£ 159.95

A compact climate improver for sneakers and sports bags.

£ 18.50

Easily fits into any jacket or trouser pocket. Also great as a portable charger for mobile phones, tablet PCs.

Starting at £ 24.95

The footbed that adapts to your foot for perfect relaxation. Non-allergenic and latex-free.

£ 47.95

Finally a cool-bag that looks good. Stays cool for up to 5 times longer than usual cool-bags.

£ 29.95

Softly padded, with 5-fold adjustable backrest and hardwearing textile cover.

£ 58.95

Now more versatile & diverse than the traditional version. Playable anywhere - both indoors and out.

Starting at £ 26.95

Fine dual-coloured leather gloves with a good-grip palm.

£ 49.95

Quality by Luger. Five to 15x magnification, even as close up as 12".

£ 74.90

Much admired on any campsite: The legendary T1 from 1965 - as an original camper van tent.

£ 169.95

Your own mini gym at home – takes up little space.

£ 79.95

The latest in sunglass technology: Safer, more comfortable, lighter.

£ 99.95

Clearly visible in the dark thanks to luminous reflective fibres in the pompon and cuff.

Starting at £ 31.95

The fun new game that combines darts and boccia. Sharpens motor skills and concentration.

£ 24.95

Take your shoes on and off without having to tie your laces. Successfully tested by professional athletes.

Starting at £ 9.95

Protection from downpours, mist and snow. Ideal for trekking, winter and water sports.

£ 86.95

Chic and practical rain protection that’s easy to wear under or over your coat or jacket.

£ 27.95

Create fascinating ephemeral art – a wonderful source of relaxation.

£ 26.50

New and improved remake of the classic AB Roller. Simple but effective training for everyone.

£ 19.95

Quiet and smooth: Pedal Exerciser with patented magnetic brake system. For legs and arms.

£ 114.95

A stylish backgammon board in soft suede. Perfect for every journey.

£ 32.50

Learn to juggle in minutes.

£ 26.50

Proof that rain protection can also be stylish.

£ 67.95

They make breaks and bumps visible. Also the perfect all-around sunglasses.

£ 69.95

Three functions in one: Umbrella and elegant walking stick – plus a comfortable seat.

£ 83.95

The size of a sports bag. Up and running in just 10 minutes. No tools required.

£ 239.95

Finally, a vacuum flask suitable for carbonated beverages. A stylish design in double-walled stainless steel.

Starting at £ 30.95
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