Powerbreather - The new snorkel generation: Provides you with 100% fresh air and doesn’t let any water in.
Via 2 air pipes you inhale air, and exhale through a valve in the mouthpiece.
No water enters the Powerbreather while snorkelling.


The new snorkel generation: Provides you with 100% fresh air and doesn’t let any water in.

With a unique 2-way system for inhaling and exhaling and patented quick closing "Speed Vent" valves. Recommended and used by top swimmers.
With the unique Powerbreather you can breathe when you’re snorkelling in a relaxed and natural way, just as you do on land. You inhale air via the 2 air pipes (instead of just 1), and unlike conventional snorkels, you exhale air through a valve in the mouthpiece. As a result, no consumed and CO<sub>2</sub> -laden air remains in the pipes and can enter the lungs again (known as pendulum breathing). So you'll always inhale 100% fresh air and no matter how long you want to go snorkelling, your body is always plentifully supplied with oxygen.
Patented valve technology keeps water out.
Even when you’re several meters underwater the Powerbreather remains sealed and the air pipes remain dry. So when you dive you won't have to blow water out and you can fully inhale immediately. You can even make rolling motions without getting water in the respiratory tract.
Comfortable, perfect fit.
By turning a button you can adjust the Powerbreather to perfectly fit the shape of your head. The mouthpiece is freely movable; the pipes are angle adjustable.
Official Partner of the German Swimming and Triathlon Team.
Also ideal for effective swimming training. Size 20 x 36 x 4.5cm (7.8” x 14” x 1.7”)(W x H x D), weight 220g (7.8 oz). Includes: 3 valve caps for inclement conditions or rolling motions, storage/transport case.

Top athletes from the swimming and triathlon world are excited:

"For us, this is the innovation of the year."
"Tauchen" magazine, Germany 06/2016

"That I can breathe fresh air permanently with the Powerbreather is a big plus for me. In short, the Powerbreather is an innovative and smart technical aid."
Jan Frodeno, Olympic triathlon winner and 2015 Ironman World Champion

"For me, the Powerbreather is a great asset, whether I’m practicing professionally or just want to take a relaxing swim to watch wildlife. I can recommend it to every professional and amateur athlete as it's brilliant, and a much better alternative to a conventional snorkel."
Thomas Lurz, open water swimmer, 12 time world champion, Olympic silver medallist in 2012


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