Beach & Outdoor

A traditional campfire – in modern, Danish design. Safe, beautiful and stable.


Natural evaporation ensures a cool head.


A luxury version of a stylish summer accessory.


Much more comfortable and nicer than simple cushions.

e. g. Mixed (1 Kiwi, 1 Watermelon, 1 Orange)

Outdoor adventure in your own garden.


The most comfortable Bluetooth headphones for jogging, walking, yoga.


The better vacuum flask: 100% leakproof.

e. g. Red

Real rodeo sensation is now a fun activity in water.


Outdoor badminton training finally with a net at tournament height.


Ingeniously portable, protective and convenient. Developed in Australia.


Elegant eye-catcher. Comfortable additional seat. And 15 litres of hidden storage space.


Premium insulated bottle for when you’re out and about.


Ingenious invention keeps flying insects permanently away from your food.

e. g. 1 Piece

Rarely is rainwear so chic and feminine.


Trendy, cool and comfortable: The XXL inflatable duck.


Text messages, calls, or changing music – nothing will stop your run.


This foldable outdoor power bank is designed for extreme conditions.


Brighter than a 40 watt bulb – without using any electricity.


A delightful decoration to water your thirsty garden.


This small bidet offers a great feeling of hygienic freshness when on the move.


Probably the safest shoulder carrier system.


Quality toboggan Austria seal of quality.


The bang on-trend bobble hat: Now even with a built-in heating system.


Decorative planter in the summer; an impressive fire bowl for autumn and winter.


iF Student Design Award 2015. Made in Denmark.


Premium pond vacuum cleaner: Saves up to 30% in cleaning time and delivers up to 50% greater suction.


Clean water within seconds. Fits in all backpacks and pockets.


Berghaus Hyper 100: The first 3-layer outdoor jacket weighing under 100g (3.5 oz).


Exceptional design by mamalila: One jacket – three wearing styles. Made of weatherproof softshell.


Finally a cool-bag that looks good. Stays cool for up to 5 times longer than usual cool-bags.


High-tech joint protection for every shoe. Only 2mm (!) thick.


The world’s first cardboard football table.


The nortik folding kayak: Thanks to ingenious origami technology folds out in just 3 to 5 minutes.


In the forest, at sea, while camping. Your mobile solar station provides power and light.


Clearly visible in the dark thanks to luminous reflective fibres in the pompon and cuff.

Starting at £31.95

Added diving safety: Alert your buddy with vibration.


Softly padded, with 5-fold adjustable backrest and hardwearing textile cover.


Proof that rain protection can also be stylish.


Chic and practical rain protection that’s easy to wear under or over your coat or jacket.


Provides shelter from the rain for up to 7 people.Remarkably affordable.


Finally, a vacuum flask suitable for carbonated beverages. A stylish design in double-walled stainless steel.

e. g. 0,5 l

Take your shoes on and off without having to tie your laces. Successfully tested by professional athletes.

e. g. ”Sport“ (3mm thick, 75cm long)

The footbed that adapts to your foot for perfect relaxation. Non-allergenic and latex-free.


Lovely warm water instead of a cold shower – powered by the sun.


Relax in style - like on the "Matelas" at the beach clubs of Pampelonne.

e. g. Jan Kurtz Mat "M80"

Maximum grip. Warm, dry feet.

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