Beach & Outdoor

With massage effect for a more efficient workout. Shapes the waist, flattens the tummy and improves your core.

With today’s sun protection properties. Licensed original with signature.

Pocket sized mobile power generator. With additional LED light, bright as daylight.

Finally, a vacuum flask suitable for carbonated beverages. A stylish design in double-walled stainless steel.

100% durable & leakproof. Keeps beverages cold for 12 hours, coffee and tea hot for up to 6 hours.

Double noise insulation. Excellent sound. Perfect for any sporting activity.

Take your shoes on and off without having to tie your laces. Successfully tested by professional athletes.

Protection from downpours, mist and snow. Ideal for trekking, winter and water sports.

Optimal visibility while driving using the synergy of two technologies: photochromism and polarisation.

Fits in any shoe and stays warm for up to 14 hours. Easy to control via Bluetooth.

Light as a feather. Extremely comfortable. And they float. Also for everyday use.

The footbed that adapts to your foot for perfect relaxation. Non-allergenic and latex-free.

These outdoor boots are even comfy on long hikes.

They make breaks and bumps visible. Also the perfect all-around sunglasses.

The Parrot high-tech drone with fascinating flight ability and full HD camera.

Sturdy. Perfect panoramic view. Stable even in choppy waters. Complete with all accessories.

Relaxing fun in the pool for 2. Cool drinks are always on hand.

Keep your valuables safely under lock and key. At home, at work, and on the go.

Lovely warm water instead of a cold shower – powered by the sun.

Ideal Australian UV-protection standard*. Photochromic. Indestructible. Unisex.

Summer trend: Decorative golden tattoos on gently bronzed skin - as easy as a sticker.

Ultra light. Steers via remote control or iPhone.

The ingenious drinking bottle: Can be opened and closed with one hand. 100% non-drip. 100% leakproof.

Digital technology on a small scale: In neutral grey tones (instead of diffuse green).

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