Safety, Security & Tools

Ingenious all-rounder that should be in every car. Spare battery system included.

Clearly visible in the dark thanks to luminous reflective fibres in the pompon and cuff.

Extremely simple but effective protection against burglars, even in hotel rooms, holiday apartments, etc.

View your home from anywhere in the world, on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

For your front trouser pocket. Clever shape. Bison leather. With RFID blocker.

Rapid assistance in heavy rain, high water and flooding.

The “CableBox™“ makes ugly multisockets disappear. In 2 sizes and 2 colours.

Much faster and more convenient: The automatic ratchet strap to tie down loads.

Keep your valuables safely under lock and key. At home, at work, and on the go.

Both key-finder and electronic leash. Protects your valuables from theft and loss.

With baggage carousel information, theft alarm - on your smartphone or tablet.

Runs 10 years on one battery. Miniature life-saving technology.

Effective deterrent with minimal investment. Day and night.

Money, credit cards, mobile, keys, etc. Keep your valuables safe on your person.

Guaranteed protection against candle flames, wax & resin. Lovely sheet for your Christmas gifts.

Triple threat for thieves: Slash-proof. RFID protected. With alarm.

World novelty: A life saver for £58.95. Ensures the correct amount of pressure needed for a cardiac massage.

Affordable security: The dummy surveillance camera – an effective deterrent even at night.

Stylish handbag charm. And in case of emergency, an immediately accessible alarm.

TV simulator: A better deterrent than any lamp.

Light up dark corners without electricity. No light switch needed. Activated by motion sensor.

Ideal protection from mobile phone radiation.

Money, credit card, identity card, … carry everything with you even in lightweight summer clothes.

World novelty from the US: SPIbelt™, the ingenious expandable bag belt.

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