Stick-N-Find Remote Sticker, Set of 2

Stick-N-Find Remote Sticker, Set of 2 - Both key-finder and electronic leash. Protects your valuables from theft and loss.

Stick-N-Find Remote Sticker, Set of 2

Locates your smartphone, keyring, handbag, wallet, etc., at the touch of a button. And protects your valuables from theft and loss.

Your new detective is hardly bigger than a £1 coin. Attached to your telephone handset, keyring, purse or remote control, etc., it connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and leads you straight to mislaid items. Also an ideal reminder not to leave the house without your keys. Or to let you know that you’ve left your valuables behind.
A radar image on your smartphone display shows you where to look.
Simply launch the Stick-N-Find app* to locate items.  Now you will receive the sticker’s signals (buzz/flash) within a maximum range of 30m (98ft). The radar image shows the distance to your mislaid possessions.
Extremely practical when flying: Attached to your checked luggage, the sticker lets you know when your case is approaching on the baggage carousel - even before you spot it.
Or you can use Stick-N-Find to thwart thieves: Define a radius (0-30m/98ft), and the sticker will trigger an acoustic and visual signal on your smartphone as soon as it moves outside this perimeter.
Tracks down lost items even when out of range.
Simply activate the search function if you’ve lost something that has a mobile sticker attached. Every smartphone with the Stick-N-Find app will automatically ‘hunt’ for your item. You’ll be notified by email as soon as it is located. The communication is completely anonymous; no data is disclosed.
Stick-N-Find measures 24mm (1") in diameter and 4.1mm in height, and weighs just 4.5g (0.16 oz). It is attached using self-adhesive pads which can be removed without a trace. Requires 1 watch battery (CR2016), which provides power for approx. 1 year. Contains: 2 stickers, 2 plastic holders/suction pads.

* Compatible devices: iPhone 4S and above, iPad 3 and above (including iPad Mini and iPad Air), iPod Touch (5th generation and above), Samsung Galaxy S3 and above, Note II and above

Stick-N-Find Remote Sticker, Set of 2

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