Security Money Belt

Beat those pickpockets.

A smart pickpocket needs less than a minute to rob you. Having snatched your wallet, he will then disappear into the crowd.
Next time, leave your normal purse at home and keep your money in this leather money belt instead. At 46cm (18") long, this zippered body belt will not only hold your money, but also a copy of your passport, traveller’s cheques and keys as well – even small items of jewellery can be safely hidden. The sturdy, high-quality design stops the belt from bending, even when filled. The belt is 3cm (1 1/5") wide and will fit all normal trousers. Made of fine premium leather, this attractive money belt is available in black and is rounded off by a chrome plated metal buckle with a brushed finish. Take it with you next time you go out. Size: 120 x 3 x 0.2cm (47" x 1 1/4" x 1/10"). Weighs 100g (3.5 oz). You can adjust the length by simply removing the buckle and cutting the leather to suit your waist size. By Oconi. Exclusive to Fashion Classics.

Security Money Belt

Colour: Black


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  • The leather security money belt easily stores cash and traveller’s cheques.