Flexible, Ultra-Flat Light

Flexible, Ultra-Flat Light - Fits into almost any gap or niche and can be bent and shaped according to your needs.

Flexible, Ultra-Flat Light

The versatile lamp: Ultra-slim and super flexible.

Fits into almost any gap or niche. Also ideal for underneath cabinets, behind appliances ...

Hardly thicker than a writing pad and made from flexible silicone, this lamp can also be inserted into the narrowest of crevices – and can be bent and shaped according to your needs. Unlike most torches, this lamp will not roll away when you lay it down. It sticks to all ferromagnetic surfaces with its 2 point magnets, and also features a convenient suspension eyelet. This way, you‘ll have both hands free.
30 LEDs for DIY, energy saving reading or flashing warning light.
For repairs to the car or around the house, this will illuminate the work area with all 30 LEDs creating a large pool of light. When you turn on only the middle row of 10-LED, you have an energy-saving reading lamp for the gazebo or camping holiday. In the flashing mode it can serve as an important warning device in the event of a vehicle breakdown. Sturdy, shock and splash resistant. For indoor and outdoor use.
In bright orange, the lamp is always to be found quickly in a toolbox or backpack. 2 AA batteries included. Battery life: Up to 18 hours with 30 LEDs, up to 28 hours with 10 LEDs and up to 36 hours in flashing mode. Size 30.5 x 7.5 x 1cm (12″ x 3.0″x 0.4″) (at the battery compartment 2cm (0.8″) thick). Weight 192g (6.8 oz)

Flexible, Ultra-Flat Light

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