Bicycle Helmet Rockwell Urban

The bicycle helmet with optimum impact protection and a perfect fit.




The bicycle helmet with optimum impact protection and a perfect fit.

Outstanding test results according to international safety standard EN 1078.

Thereʼs no comparison to conventional bicycle helmets: With this new development, the inner shell consists of 8 sliding EPS foam segments (instead of one piece) and is separated from the outer shell. A unique design with distinct advantages for both safety and comfort.
Optimum fit due to flexible adjustment. Nothing wobbles, slips or digs in.
Simply by rotating the dial, the EPS segments move closer together or further apart. Unlike standard helmets with a head ring, the entire inlay adapts to your head and protects it. Comfortable with soft inner cushions (removable, hook and loop fastener).
Optimal impact protection based on nature (see box) with outstanding test values.
Since the inner and outer shells are connected to one another only at 4 points, the rotational force arising during an impact is not transmitted directly to the head, but absorbed by the movement between the shells. In addition, the impact force will be spread over all EPS segments rather than at a single point. The result: At the impact test according to international safety standards (EN 1078), the helmet reduced the gravitational acceleration on the test head to below 110 g (g = 9.80665 m/s2)*. The permitted value is 250 g (!).
Optimal ventilation through the arrangement of the inlay segments as in a wind tunnel.
Textile sleeve made of a breathable mixture of cotton and synthetic fibre: Keeps warm in the cold and dissipates excess heat quickly.
Already the favourite of numerous prominent cyclists.
ABS plastic outer shell. Adjustable chinstrap with magnetic closure. Inlay fixed via 4 pushbuttons. Helmet size M/L for a head size of 55-60cm (21.7"-23.6") and L/XL for 58-63cm (22.8"-24.8") (over the eyebrows). Weight: 490g (17.3 oz) and 530g (18.7 oz).

*Test report nr. GZHL1604013174CE of SGS Group, 21 April 2016, Guangzhou, China.

Safety technology based on nature.

MIPS (Multidirectional Impact Protection System) is a safety system for all types of helmets and was developed during 30 years of research at the Royal Technical University in Stockholm. The model is based on the human brain. To protect it, there is a fluid between the skull and brain. In the event of an impact to the head, the resulting rotational force is reduced by minimal movements of this liquid layer and therefore is not transmitted directly to the brain.

Bicycle Helmet Rockwell Urban


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Size: L/XL

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